Know The Best UK Colleges For Study Abroad By Mumbai Experts

Know The Best UK Colleges For Study Abroad By Mumbai Experts

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Are you a study abroad aspirant thinking of moving to the UK? The experts of study abroad consultants Mumbai have researched and made a list of the best colleges. So, scholars can consider these for their higher studies. Although the way to them is not easy, it will help you clear a few doubts. Read till end to gain knowledge about the top five universities of the United Kingdom as per the QS World Rankings.

Top 5 Universities (QS World Rankings)

The selection of the right college in a foreign land is not an easy task. It takes a lot of thinking, pros and cons, and planning. Thus, you can seek help from a study abroad consultant. So, the article deals with the top five universities in the UK.

Cambridge University

The institute that tops the list is Cambridge University. It is also at #2 by the QS World Rankings of 2024. It is one of the oldest institutes in the world—also the largest in the country. There are six fields here. These include
  • Biological sciences
  • Arts and humanities
  • Clinical medicine
  • Physical sciences
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Technology
So, courses like space science, physics, optics, material science, and microbiology are available to pursue. Additionally, the University has 100+ libraries. It makes the institute a knowledge resource for scholars. So Mumbaikars, if you plan to study here, you can seek help from the study abroad consultants Mumbai to ease the admission process.

Oxford University

Do you know that the exact date of the foundation is still a mystery? But still, it is #3 by the QS World Rankings 2024. The research part at Oxford takes place in 3 divisions. These are:
  • Humanities
  • Medical sciences
  • Social sciences and mathematical, physical and life sciences.
If we talk about the academic calendar, it has three terms – Michaelmas (fall), Hilary (spring) and Trinity (summer). Hence, each is eight weeks long. Here also, the language of teaching is English. Since it is one of the oldest universities, you can pursue courses like medicine, chemistry, engineering, and water resources. Despite the higher tuition fee for non-EU students, there are 900+ scholarship options available.

Imperial College

Imperial College London has its roots in the early 1900s. It was previously a college of UCL. It became independent recently in 2007. The institute has four academic divisions. These are engineering, medicine, natural sciences and business. It is #6 by the QS World Rankings of 2024. Also, it has three terms similar to Oxford. They are autumn, spring and summer. It is also a place where English is the language of instruction. In addition to this, the main focus of the institute is research. Each year, 400 scholars are given research opportunities. To study abroad, you can choose courses like polymer science, plant and animal science, microbiology, and condensed matter physics.

University College London

UCL is also a public college founded in 1826. Do you know it was the third academic setup established in London? The first two are the Cambridge and the Oxford University. Also, it has branches in Qatar and Australia. So you can secure a UCL degree from these countries and still open your employment path in the UK. It has 11 academic divisions.
  • Arts and humanities
  • Mathematical and physical sciences
  • Brain sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Engineering
  • Population health sciences
  • The Bartlett
  • Social and historical sciences
  • Laws
The Bartlett is a division of architecture and planning. The notable achievement of the institute is the Nobel Prize for a professor. He discovered the inert gases. So, it would be best for courses like biology, biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry and more similar courses.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has its roots in the 1500s. Also, it is a public institute. It has three colleges – arts, humanities and social science; medicine and veterinary medicine; and science and engineering. It has a total of 20 schools. The calendar here is semester-based. Here, English is the medium of verbal instruction. One of the most important research done here is the cloning of the first mammal. The cloned animal here was a sheep named Dolly. It took place at the Roslin Institute in 1996. Study abroad students can study programs like AI, endocrinology and metabolism, space science, and surgery. Summing Up Since this article listed the top five educational setups in the United Kingdom, these were picked based on the QS World Rankings Report of 2024. So, Mumbaikars, If you want to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom, then you must seek help from overseas education consultants in Mumbai. One such platform is The experts here will become your buddies in the journey from ideation to settling. Also, they help from selecting the country to picking the course and from pre-departure help to post-arrival help. Wishing you luck in your abroad journey.

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