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Leverage Live Social Media For Your Event

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Social media is great for various things – it helps you connect with consumers and benefit from increased engagement. However, you may not know but it can help you make the most of live events as well? These days, using social media for live events is becoming common, and gradually the number of brands hopping aboard are increasing.

Here’s what you should know about how with the help of social platforms you can get as much traction possible from live events.

Social Media Enhances Live Event

Live events are gripping and audiences who attend them will most likely not forget what went on or what your brand did. Sadly, restrictions such as distance, resources and time will lead to many customers not able to make it to your live event. Simply put, your potential customers will miss out on the excitement and staying power the affair has to offer.

Before the emergence of social media, there was nothing really you could do about this. Today, however, customers who cannot come to a live event can enjoy all that the event has to offer with the help of social media.

To put it in simple words, brands that leverage social media management services to cover and augment their live events, keep the conversation going with customers who are unable to attend. Moreover, it allows the clients who attended to continue engaging with the event long after it is over.

Tips To Use Social Media During Live Event

Choose A Hashtag

On all platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, hashtags are one of the most used ways to spread content. So, choosing a hashtag for your live event can be a good way to make it more viral. Although it’s easy to get carried away with hashtags and choose several of them to represent your brand, deciding on a single, befitting, evergreen hashtag is the way to go. Apart from letting your brand and your followers/fans to consolidate related content under one specific hashtag, this also gives your event its own place in social media. Try to keep the hashtag short and memorable.

Promote Your Event

Although social media is effective for expanding the conversation during your event, using social platforms to promote your event before it happens is also a shrewd move. To leverage your social media for live events to the maximum, send out Tweets, Facebook posts, and Newsletters with information about your event, along with the hashtag attached to your event.

Don’t stop here rather keep the theme going by using the hashtag in all of the content pertaining to your event and updating your customers through social media as the event approaches. You can use social media management services for promotion.

Summing Up

Live events are, a valuable asset but when you integrate them with social media, you can miraculously expand your following, improve your conversions, and expand the limits of conversation to include all of your fans, not just those who could make it.

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