Lifeasible Released a New Sub-brand For Insect Research Solutions

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Lifeasible, a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural science, recently announced its release of a brand-new sub-brand, Lifeasible Insect, to provide more specific solutions for researchers in insect field.


Insects are an essential component of the entire ecosystem, contributing to the material and energy cycles of the ecosystem as well as the stability of the food web. Insect genomics and proteomics are thriving and significantly advancing life science research. Lifeasible has been working with insects. Lifeasible turns insects into high-performance natural protein solutions for pets, fish, plants, and humans. The company also offers insect genetic and protein research projects.


With the establishment of this new brand, customers around the world now have full access of Lifeasible’s one-top services and comprehensive products:


One-stop services

Extraction of medicinal components from Insect

Detection of substances in insects

Biochemical index detection of insects

Gene editing in lepidoptera/orthoptera/diptera/hemiptera/coleoptera/blattaria

Genetic research of silkworm, insect proteomics services

Insect protein identification analysis

Quantitative/qualitative analysis of modified proteins in insects

Protein expression in insect cell systems

Comprehensive Products

Insect ELISA kit, insect growth regulator, silkworm chrysalis products, insect oil, insect powder, insect protein substances, medicinal insect extracts, insect slurry, RNA extraction kit, DNA extraction kit, buffer, protein extraction kit, etc.


Lifeasible has been dedicated in suppling various agro-related services and products for plant research, agricultural synthetic biology, fungal, food and feed, and animal research for years. To meet different diversified and specific needs of its customers, Lifeasible has launched several new sub-brands in the past years, including Lifeasible Plant Science & Technology, a sub-brand for plant culture, plant nutrition, plant detection, plant immunology; Lifeasible Plant Tissue Culture, a sub-brand designed for plant tissue culture services; Lifeasible Agricultural Molecular Breeding, a sub-brand established to provide diversified molecular breeding solutions; Lifeasible Algae, and Lifeasible Extract, etc.


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