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Live Tracker: Are you looking for a reliable source to get a location for an unknown number? Do you want to locate your lost SIM card? Thus, the Live Tracker tool is the answer to all these questions. Yes, with the help of an online live tracker tool by Pak Sim Data, you can solve all these mysteries. One will be able to find details of sim information with location details using Live Tracker.

For this reason, one just needs to enter a mobile number or CNIC. To fetch details for any number details in Pakistan. It is easy to use and tracking system based on sim information. It will allow you to retrieve sim owner details. That includes the mobile number location, CNIC number, address, and some other brief details. Pak Sim Data facilitates real-time tracking service for all respected citizens of Pakistan free of cost.

Working on Live Tracker

Our tool for live tracker uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with information more quickly saving you money and time for sim owner details. What do you need to do to use a live tracker? You just have to enter your mobile number into the given space after which you will get instant results that illustrate all the sim information regarding that mobile number.

The sort of information that users will get includes the name of the sim owner, CNIC number, the network used, location, date of activation, and other additional information as well.  You can use Live Tracker only for those mobile numbers that are PTA registered in Pakistan.

Pros of using Live Tracker

Our sim database online has several key features that offer many advantages for their users to fetch sim ownership details. First of all, we do regularly update our sim database online. So, users can have access to the most latest sim information. In addition, use our comprehensive web directory, which is a very simple interface for users requiring no training or knowledge. Moreover, it is free of cost, you don’t need to pay any subscription plan.

Furthermore, users can use it as many times as they need, without any limitations. Last but not least, our sim database online is accessible to citizens of Pakistan.

Information provided by Live Tracker

As soon as you get access to the sim information from the live tracker, you can use it for various positive purposes. One can use it to investigate who is connected or using that particular mobile number. In addition, to check who is authorized or ownership of that sim cardholder. Moreover, this sim information is also valuable in the case of finding suspects or criminals for the law enforcement agencies in a state. However, it can be used for finding malicious activities and many more uses. As business organizations can keep track of their customer’s data as well as use this data for marketing purposes.

Why choose Live Tracker by Pak Sim Data?

As we have mentioned already the advantage of using the search engine of Pak Sim Data. It gives the most secure platform to use, as we need to provide certain details for using our web directory, hence we do preserve rights for our user’s details. In addition, we have managed to provide advanced encryption technology to keep our user’s data safe and secure.

Characteristics of Pak Sim Data

The system designed by Pak Sim Data gives you 100% accurate and authentic results for Live Tracker with an easy-to-use interface for their users. It gives results for locating a person more quickly and easily without waste of time and money. By using of Live Tracker sim Data service by Pak Sim Data, one can get results in the form of an individual’s live location.

Skip Software installation or downloading

However, users do not need to install any software or application to download or use our SIM database online for Live Tracker.

All Networks based

One of the best features of using Pak Sim data is that it is compatible to use for all network Databases, without any conditions. Thus, you can get number details for any network sim number.

No conditions for searching

Another best option offered by Pak Sim Data is that no one is bound to any limitations for searching, you can do as many searches as you need.

More Safe & Secure

One can trust our privacy policy constraints as we do ensure to protection of the data rights of our users. Moreover, we expect the same from our users, that the data we provide them by our sim database online, must be used for legal purposes only.

Why is Live Tracker Data so important?

This particular tool is very useful and valuable for the citizens of Pakistan. The importance of Live Tracker cannot be underrated because of its need in today’s interconnected digital world. It is important because of various reasons from personal and professional points of view. One can use it for finding or locating unknown and untrusted persons. Professionally, it can be used for business entities for keeping and tracking records of workers and purchasers. Similarly, Live Tracker is also used by government-related organizations for criminal activities and suspects.

Limitations for using Live Tracker

There are various advantages of using Live Tracker Sim Data, which are explained above, similarly, it also has some limitations to sim database online.

Provided Data

The data provided from the use of the sim database online are collected from different sources that include government and private sources, respectively. Therefore, it may contain some variations in the form of errors or incomplete information.

Legal Constraints

Similarly, our sim information system contains some legal restrictions when you access call logs or messages from the sim database online. It is also subjected to legal and ethical consents. That is why you must be aware of these legal constraints before approaching such crucial information for sim ownership. Therefore, one should never use the provided data for any illegal or criminal activity.


Live Tracker is a powerful tool that provides real-time applications for all citizens of Pakistan. It is a free tool that can you use by visiting our website It provides information including the location of a person, its mobile number, and address, along with the date of activation of that sim card.

Moreover, the Pak sim Data designs interface is user-friendly for their users. One does not need to learn or install its use. Similarly, it is conveniently available to every city in Pakistan at any time. So one can take benefits from it, as you do not need to pay money and can save time as well. Thus, choosing Pak Sim Data is the best option for having multiple tools at one site.

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