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Microsoft’s Notepad and Snipping Tool Are Getting New Features

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Microsoft is rolling out updates for Notepad and Snipping Tool to make them a little more modern. The Notepad update will automatically save your session state so you can close it without interruption and pick up right where you left off. The Snipping Tool update brings a combined capture bar and a keyboard shortcut to quickly launch screen recording instead of clicking through the screenshot toolbar. It also includes a default audio option to include mic input while recording.


If you accidentally close Notepad without saving your work, the application will prompt you to save changes when you open it again. However, a new update will allow Notepad to automatically restore the session state of your text file so you can continue right where you left off when you reopen it.

The feature works similarly to Apple’s Time Machine, which saves multiple versions of a file so you can reload earlier revisions. The link plans to release this feature on a trial basis for Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channels.

Another notable feature is a new way to edit captured images using the Snipping Tool. The tool offers a variety of options to make edits to your screenshot, including a ballpoint pen, highlighter, and more. Snipping Tool also has a new share option to let you email the edited screenshot or print it. The app will also offer more options to change the size of your snips.

Tab support

In the latest update, Microsoft is bringing tab support to Notepad and Snipping Tool. With this feature, you can now open multiple tabs in the same window and continue working where you left off. The new feature saves session state and will automatically restore all your previously opened tabs, including unsaved content and edits. However, it’s still your choice whether to save or discard any unsaved changes anytime you close a tab. You can also disable this feature in the app settings if you prefer to have a fresh start each time.

Moreover, Snipping Tool is getting a combined capture bar that’ll let users take screenshots and record screencasts in one place without opening the app. The updated Snipping Tool is already available to Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channel through the Insider Program and will be released to the public once all the kinks are ironed out.

Saved session state

With this feature, users can close Notepad without any warning dialog and resume where they left off. It will automatically restore all previously open tabs and unsaved content and edits. However, if you are not a fan of this feature, you can disable it in app settings.

Snipping Tool has also received a number of updates, including a more intuitive screen recording interface. This includes a new keyboard shortcut for quick access to screen recording, eliminating the need to click through the screenshot toolbar, and a default audio source option that enables you to include your microphone input during recordings.

Other features include the ability to save a snip in a variety of formats, image editing with a ballpoint pen and highlighter (with translucent coloring), and a delayed snip that allows you to capture an area now or in 3 or 10 seconds. These improvements are rolling out to the Dev and Canary channels of the Windows Insider Program today.

Screen recording interface

Microsoft is bringing Notepad and Snipping Tool to the modern era with a series of updates. These new features, currently in the Windows Insider Program, will help users get more work done efficiently and effectively. The updates will include autosave, tab support, and session restoration.

The update will also improve Snipping Tool’s screen recording interface. The app will now allow you to record audio and your computer’s display in a single click. You can use keyboard shortcuts like the Print Screen and Win + Shift + S to access snipping modes, and the new Win + R shortcut will open the screen recording menu.

The feature will be useful for users who often need to demonstrate their computer’s functionality. The app will also let you choose your preferred audio device for recordings. This feature is now rolling out to users in the Canary and Dev channels of the Windows Insider Program. It will eventually be rolled out to all users.

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