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Non-bonded warehouses and bonded warehouses- Difference explained

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When businesses are to be extended based on a global value, warehousing plays a very crucial role. Warehouses play the role of a temporary storage facility for goods that are yet to be distributed. However, whenever the term warehousing comes up, immediately our thoughts go to two types of it- bonded and non-bonded warehouses.

In this article, we will talk about the basic differences that one should understand between a non-bonded warehouse in China and a bonded warehouse while considering China-Eu supply chain service. So, let us first start by highlighting the unique features, implications, and purposes of these two types of warehouses that play a crucial role in the business sector.

Differences that you should know between a non-bonded and bonded warehouse. 

1. On the basis of primary functions

A Non-bonded warehouse in China is also known as a public warehouse. These are warehouses where goods can be stored without any exemptions or customs privileges. The main motive of these warehouses is to cater to domestic distribution, thereby serving as temporary storage points much before the goods are distributed.

On the other hand, a bonded warehouse is a secured facility that government has access to. All the imported goods can be stored without taxes or customs fees. The primary aim of a bonded warehouse is to facilitate international trade by providing a safe space for the goods for just a temporary time before being in transit, thereby providing flexibility.

2. Considerations 

While your products are in the China-Eu supply chain service and are stored at a non-bonded warehouse, in that case, your goods are liable for taxes, import and export regulations at the time of entry, and even customs duties. These obligations are to be settled before the goods are released for domestic consumption or distribution.

In the case of a bonded warehouse, the goods are subjected to strict customs regulations and oversight. These are stored under customs authorities’ direct supervision, ensuring compliance with import and export regulations. These facilities enable businesses to defer customs duties until the goods are released for domestic consumption or re-exported.

3. The flexibility of the storage periods. 

In the case of a non-bonded warehouse in Chinathere is flexibility in the storage duration. There are no limitations on storage time, as they have in the case of bonded warehouses. However, in the case of a non-bonded warehouse, you have to consider the cost of duties, taxes, and other fees that come with the customs clearance process.

On the other hand, considering bonded warehouses, they do have specific time limitations on storing goods. However, this might vary according to the regulations of the countries. Sometimes, goods can be stored for up to several years. But there is one thing that is to be kept in mind this is a feature that is quite beneficial and offers businesses much flexibility in managing inventory. This also allows the optimization of supply chain operations.

4. Local focus versus value-added services. 

A non-bonded warehouse in China is typically and strategically located within the domestic markets. This basic strategy works efficiently for the handling of goods by businesses. On the other hand, it also makes timely distribution of the goods to the local customers. You will find these warehouses equipped with inventory management systems which help in the further efficiency of the businesses. Moreover, this basic strategy also helps in enabling businesses to monitor and even track their stock levels to the point of accuracy. For such efficiency in China, you can also look out for Moov Logistics.

The one benefit that you will get with bonded warehouses is that they offer additional value-added services, including sorting, labeling, assembling of the goods, and even repackaging. With the help of these services, your business will be able to customize its products that are based on the demands of the market, thereby preparing them for distribution to certain locations, which also adds value to the stored inventory.

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