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Off-Campus Apartments: Financially Viable, Comfortable & Convenient

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Hunting for the right college is among the most stressful things you have to do after high school. As you get admission into a good college, your next step is to find the perfect place to stay for the entirety of your degree course.

For a majority number of students, college is the first real experience of living away from home. It is the time to spread their wings and ease into adult life.

To get an actual feel of adult-like independent living, residing in an off-campus apartment is a good idea. While staying on the premises of your university has its perks, off-campus student housing in Bloomsburg and other areas is well-suited for students who desire greater flexibility and independence than what they may get in a campus dorm.

What is Off-Campus Housing?

Off-campus housing is a type of residential facility that is not affiliated with a college or university. These apartments are rented by college students seeking an alternative to campus dorms, owing to the benefits they offer in terms of independence and privacy.

Off-campus apartments are generally situated in the nearby community of a college or university. In fact, most of them are within walking distance or a short drive from campus.

Top off-campus housing facilities near Bloomsburg and other university areas, are less than a mile away from campus and offer stunning views of the neighborhood.

Off-campus housing facilities can be an apartment complex or a standalone building. They can be furnished, unfurnished, or semi-furnished. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available, when it comes to off-campus student housings, enabling students to easily rent an apartment that meets their needs and budget.

While these apartments may vary in their layout and size, they usually feature individual bedrooms and bathrooms for every tenant, along with a shared kitchen and living room.

Advantages of Off-Campus Apartments 

Off-campus apartments have many advantageous features that make them perfect for the vibrant young students of today. Mentioned below are some key advantages of moving into an off-campus apartment near your university.

1. Greater Independence

For students, living off-campus often means having a high level of independence. Slowly but surely, they become more self-reliant and can fast-track into adulthood, which significantly helps them down the line. Living off-campus also provides students with the chance to interact with the local community beyond the college premises and meet like-minded people.

When you live in an off-campus apartment, you have full control over your environment and can come and go as you please. This comes as a huge advantage for students who want a more flexible living arrangement.

Opting to live in off-campus student housing in Bloomsburg or any other area is a great idea if you have plans to pursue part-time jobs, visit or host friends and family, and have a desire to live on your own. No one would bother if you have get-togethers with your friends or come back home late at night.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? In contrast to this, campus dorms have strict rules and regulations like curfews and guest policies, which can limit the independence of the students to a great extent.

2. Spacious Living

In addition to more independence at an off-campus apartment, you will also find more space and privacy. They are perfect for students who want room for themselves to spread out and store their belongings.

If you live in a college dorm, chances are that you have to share a room and bathroom with another student (s). While living in the same room can seem fun at first, over time, your roommate and their habits can get on your nerves. Moreover, there is hardly any scope for privacy in a dorm.

Staying in a shared room can be especially challenging for students who are used to having more space or who need quiet surroundings to study.

Fortunately, off-campus apartments have a suite-style layout, wherein each student gets a bedroom and bathroom of their own. It provides you with an environment where you can dedicate your focus to things that matter to you.

3. Lower Costs

The cost-effectiveness of off-campus apartments is among their prime advantages. Living in these apartments is likely to incur lower expenses than living in a dorm, especially as you split costs with other students. Sharing the cost of rent, utilities and groceries with roommates can significantly reduce your overall living expenses.

As off-campus apartments have a kitchen, you get to cook your own meals. In many cases, this can be more cost-effective than paying for a meal plan in a dormitory, which may be mandatory and comes at a fixed cost.

4. Greater Choice in Amenities

An off-campus apartment allows you to enjoy multiple amenities that you will not find in a dorm, such as:

  • Private bathroom – You will have a private bathroom attached to your bedroom, which is an immensely important feature for students who value their privacy. If you are a neat freak and like to keep things hygienic in your bathroom, this is the best option for you.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen – An off-campus apartment kitchen is likely to include a stove, a refrigerator, and a microwave. These basic kitchen appliances help students to save money on food costs by cooking their meals as they please.
  • In-unit laundry – Off-campus housing facilities in Bloomsburg and other university areas come with an in-unit washer and dryer. They allow you to save money in a laundromat while being more convenient than a communal laundry room.

5. Pets are Allowed

For many students, the biggest benefit of off-campus apartments is that they allow their furry friends to reside with them. Although the pet policies of student housings may differ from one another, in most cases, they allow students to have pets in their apartments for an additional pet rent fee and/or pet deposit.

Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, it would largely depend on what you seek most in your living space. Ultimately, off-campus apartments, especially Bloomsburg student housing near Bloomsburg and similar university areas offer cost-effectiveness, comfort and convenience. Details of the rent of these student apartments can be found online.

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