Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala

Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala: 9 FAQs to Know

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Kerala is located in the southern coastal part of India, making it one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. Most importantly, the state also ranks no. 1 in literacy rate in India, and it is a hot spot for overseas education consultants in Kerala. So, students aim for bigger goals like studying at a foreign college for a better education with practical and theoretical knowledge. And, preferring an adviser for your study abroad dream is the right choice.

Therefore, check out some frequently asked questions by students and parents

Know Your Study Abroad Agencies in Kerala Better with These Questions!

teWhen you are looking for an adviser to study abroad, many doubts and questions might be in your mind. So, to clear those questions for you, these are some FAQs that will help you to know the services offered by the consultant and the benefits of having a clear conversation with the expert.


What Services Do You Offer to Students Seeking Education Abroad? 

It is vital to go through the website and profile of the expert before rushing to something. So, you need to check the services that are to be acknowledged to make your abroad journey smoothly.

The top 5 services offered by Gradding.com to study abroad are as follows:

  1. Visa Assistance
  2. Personal Guidance
  3. Course Selection
  4. Language Proficiency Exam Assistance
  5. University Selection


Do You Assist with Admission Applications, Visa Processing, and Post-arrival Services?

Yes, reliable service providers offer assistance in these aspects of making the study abroad dream come true. Go through the services listed below for your query to inform about the services mentioned in the questions.

Admission Applications:

Before applying, one has to have run through the website, courses, quality and facilities. So, overseas education consultants in Kerala will guide you through all this and in filling out the application. A few requirements are to be completed before and after the application. So, to meet all those needs and not get the form rejected, the expert ensures that all the procedures are fulfilled on time.

Visa Processing:

It is one of the integral parts of the process, which requires time, sincerity and patience. Moreover, many documents are to be submitted for moving further with interviews to clear. So, the expert would help you with the process, from filling out the visa form to maintaining the documents and tips with mock interviews to crack the final round.

Post-Arrival Services:

Before you depart to your dream college and destination, the study abroad agencies in Kerala conduct post-arrival sessions for students. Experts help you know the schedule after arrival, locations to reach and the rules and laws of the country.


Can You Assist with Information on Scholarships, Grants, or Financial Aid Options?

You need to provide statements of your bank accounts to prove your capability of fulfilling the college’s annual fees. So, they also offer assistance in scholarships available through the chosen country and India. For example, there is the Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship, The JN Tata Endowment Fullbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, etc. You can also apply for such grants through some organizations. In addition to it, the colleges also offer some financial aid to help the scholar reach college and make their future dream come true through them.


How Do You Assist Students with the Visa Application Process?

Consultants offer personal counselling in filling out the visa application and making it easy for you. So, they guide you through the process, from completing the form to submitting the necessary documents. Experts understand that there could be a few typo errors that might result in application rejection. So advisers help in reviewing it and suggesting answers for approval. Also, the consultant will keep track of the application to make the appointment time.


What Are the Common Challenges Students Face During the Visa Application Process, and How Do You Help Overcome Them?

You might face some challenges during the visa application process. The visa process requires patience and a good understanding of the process to avoid the rejection of the application. Here are some points which adviser will help you to consider before filling out the form:

Making No Typo Typing Errors: 

The expert ensures that you do not make any errors and submit it, as mistakes get your form rejected. So, they check the form entirely with no grammatical errors, fill out the names properly and have scores filled with the details, etc.

Maintaining the Documents: 

There are several papers which are to be submitted. So, overseas education consultants in Kerala help maintain documents like your ids, band statements etc. Also submitting them at the proper time.

Tracking the Application:

Most of the time, students miss the track on the form, which results in missing the meeting or interview date. So, study abroad experts help keep track of the application for its rejection and approval.

Therefore, they will be your guide throughout the process of visa through personal counselling which is one of the key connections between the expert and you. In those sessions, they will give you tips and advice to make your abroad journey smooth after the process of visa.

Do You Provide Guidance or Assistance for Standardized Tests Such as the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL?

Studying abroad in some countries and colleges requires you to crack a few exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL. So it is crucial to know which exam has to be taken for which country and college. Then, overseas education consultants in Kerala assist with tips and counselling for clearing the exams and help you with the syllabus and all the preparation. These exams are for different purposes, and there are particular marks to score, which vary with colleges and countries. 

Do You Provide Pre-departure Orientation Sessions for Students Going Abroad?

It is one of the vital features of the consultancy. The pre-departure orientation is the main component. Where the adviser helps students to reach their dream destination smoothly. It is important to know the rules and laws of the country and college as you have to be well informed about it to live there. So you can have a smooth departure to your dream country. 

How Do You Assist Students Once They Arrive at Their Destination?

After reaching there, students might face difficulties in adjusting to a new country because they have gotten out of their comfort zone and struggling while settling there. So, study abroad agencies in Kerala help you know the laws, lifestyle, food structure and some online suggestions with country and college-related doubts.


How Do You Help Students Adapt to the Language Requirements of Their Chosen Study Location?

Shifting to a new country and leaving your native town can be a little difficult, and language can be a major issue in it. So, overseas education consultants in Kerala help students improve their language for hassle-free living abroad. Moreover, many countries have global language English as their second language which makes it amiable for students to settle there. Also, there are some personal counselling sessions for learners to improve their language expertise. 

Final Word 

Looking for study abroad agencies in Kerala, and have many doubts and confusion? Then go through these FAQs to ensure the services and benefits that Gradding will offer you for your college’s journey. They help you in going through the process and provide top facilities and benefits to make it hassle-free for you and your parents. Moreover, the study abroad experts help you with clearing your visa interview, college selection, and choosing the course while making your profile fit for it. Therefore, these FAQs will solve all your doubts about these experts before you leave for your study journey.

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