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Part Worn Tyres Wholesale : Buy cheap tires

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The fact is that if you are here it is because you are interested in changing tires either out of necessity or for aesthetics. In any case, in our scrapyard, you will be able to cheap wholesale part worn tyres Birmingham, and quality tires.

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Many users who decide to change tires do so for the aesthetic appearance of the car. In fact, the tires are responsible for dressing the car. Therefore, this type of spare part is one of the most in-demand within the automotive sector. And if they are cheap or second-hand tires, even better.

Buy cheap tires. Main advantages

Like other car parts, cheap tires also provide a series of advantages both for those who buy them and for the environment. These advantages are the following:

Low price of second-hand tires


New tires carry a high purchase cost. Therefore, buying used tires is emerging as a very interesting option. Keep in mind that the difference is in the price. A wholesale part worn tyres will cost you up to 70% less than the same tire, but new. The only difference between the two is that the second because it is new, you will have to pay an unnecessary price.

The tires are verified

Our cheap tire scraping always relies on quality material. Therefore, when you purchase your used tire, we issue you a certificate in which you have a one-year warranty or 15,000 km. Your satisfaction is our daily commitment.

Second-hand tires pollute less

And why this? Well, because by buying part worn tyres wholesale you are doing recycling work and therefore induce a decrease in the production volume of new tires. In fact, the work that Delfin Card does selling used spare parts is very important since on the one hand it prevents the discharge of polluting products into the environment during the decontamination of a car and at the same time it promotes the use and recycling of parts that still have a lot of useful life ahead.

Types of cheap tires

We show you the types of tires that you will be able to find in our online store:

Cheap steel wheels

This type of tire is cheaper regardless of whether it is new or used. Among its qualities stands out its resistance to salt when spread on the snow. Another advantage is that cleaning is very quick and easy. Its resistance to shocks is also a strong point compared to other materials.

But it also has a series of disadvantages compared to other types of wheels . Starting with the first, its design is less attractive than cheap alloy wheels. Another of its disadvantages is that its design leads to worse cooling of the brakes.

Sale of cheap tires

In our spare parts scrapyard, we make a rigorous selection of tires from dismantled cars that are in perfect condition. Our stock covers cheap wheels for more than 30 car manufacturers up to 3,500 kg.

For any questions or clarifications about our cheap tires, you can contact our call center by calling 965 814 857 or through the contact form.

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