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Pet ID Tags – Simple Ways to Personalize

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Do you have a pet dog or horse at home? If yes, you would know how lovely they look when you deck them up a little. For hairy dog breeds, many owners buy several accessories to fashion their fur in stylish ways. 

To lend their loved dogs a unique look. Similarly, pet owners can also use a plethora of accessories to make their stallions and mares look more attractive.  One common object of getting a puppy ready for a quick walk remains fancy-looking ID tags for dogs

Similarly for horses as well, these tags serve two purposes at the same time – they enhance the appearance of the pet and make sure that your beloved pet does not get lost.  ID tags generally do not feature elaborate surface areas. 

Therefore, you may dangle two or three tags around your pet’s neck collar if necessary. However, here are a few smart and easy ways to fashion these tags in stylish, utilitarian, and pocket-friendly ways. 

Name Of The Pet

Unique pet ID tags often feature the pet’s name on them. Be it your dog or horse, you always call your loved pet by a nickname like Browny, Jack, Billy, Bella, Max, Chad, Black Beauty, etc. No matter what name you call your pet, get it inscribed on the ID tag. 

This will make the tag look particularly crafted for your pet. How you get it crafted is your choice. You can keep all the letters in Capital or use a stylish font. 

While carving your pet’s name on its ID tag, make sure to choose a stylish font instead of something official like Calibri, Time New Roman, or Arial. Calligraphic letters always look beautiful on ID tags for dogs. 

Personal Massage

Another excellent way of customizing pet ID tags is to get a personal message inscribed on its surface. Stainless steel tags are particularly good for such carvings. When you carve letters on less hardy metals like aluminum, the words often turn out to be illegible. 

On steel surfaces, carved words look deeper and more prominent. Additionally, inscriptions on steel surfaces last for a longer time as well. Frame a unique message like “If I am alone, I am lost” or “Call my mom if I am alone”. These massages serve two purposes again. 

If someone finds your pet wandering on the streets aimless and alone, they could contact you and bring your pet home. On the other hand, Unique pet ID tags carrying carved messages on them always look smarter and personalized. 


Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? If yes, you can gift your pet dog or horse a new Stainless steel pet tags featuring a bright, beautiful birthstone. Unlike random gemstones, birthstones refer to gemstones particularly lucky for the born of a certain month. 

For example, if your pet’s birthday is in March, choose an Aquamarine for it. Similarly, for pets born in September, the birthstone should be a Sapphire. 

All the 12 months of a year have unique gemstones conceded to them. Check the list carefully and pick the appropriate birthstone to make your pet’s ID tag look gorgeous and exclusive. 

Address Or Phone Number

Proud owners of pets can also get the location of their residence or the address carved on unique dog name tags. If your pet ever gets lost, no matter who finds it, could return your pet without much ado.  Alternatively, you can also get your contact number inscribed on the tag. 

This will help people call you to inform you that they have found your pet and your “sweetheart” will be home soon. If the surface area of the ID tag allows, you can get both your contact number and location carved on it at the same time. 

Sign Carving

Signs say a lot more than words at times. To show your love for your pet, you can get a simple yet meaningful sign carved at the heart of the tag. Signs like a heart, a heart pierced with an arrow, a simple leaf, or a start always make the pet tags assume an extraordinary look. 

Choose any sign you wish to put at the center of the tag’s upper surface and get it fashioned on a steel tag. Any carving or inscription made on steel outlasts the pet’s lifespan in general. 

The primary tag of pet tags will always be to make sure that your pet never gets lost. If someone finds them alone on the roads, they could fetch your pet back home with the help of the information written on the ID tag. 

However, there is no harm in adding another dimension to an ID tag’s utility. Dog tags online, with a birthstone dangling on them or a name carved on them look more stylish and enhance your pet’s cuteness multiple times. 

Persimmon & Co. is a renowned pet tag manufacturer. For perfectly circular, steel tags with customized detailing, you can choose this brand at any time. 

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