Places to explore in Tokyo

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Tokyo is a dream destination for so many individuals. Are you one of those? Do you wish to explore Tokyo this year with your loved ones? If yes, then it is important to know the spots which are a must-visit. Look no further and read the guide below to find out the must-add places to your Tokyo itinerary.

Places To Explore In Tokyo

Tokyo is a wonderful city with endless spots and places to visit. We have handpicked the best of these places and made a list on which one can rely on for planning their itinerary. Before you book Delta Flights to Tokyo, know the must-visit places.

So, continue reading and know the places to explore at the stunning destination.

Reach the top of Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest building in Tokyo, is a must-add to the itinerary of individuals. Moreover, those who are here for the first time cannot miss witnessing the views from the top. Use the elevator, go to the top, and see the views unlike ever before. Tokyo is already a beautiful place. However, the views that one gets from the top make it look even more beautiful.

Learn to make sushi

Isn’t sushi the most famous thing in Tokyo? You must have tried sushi, but how about learning to make it? Once you know how to make it, you will be able to enjoy it even when you are back home. In Tokyo, you will find a lot of places that teach you how to make these. So, enroll yourself in these classes and add a new skill.

Visit Senso-ji

Travelers who have researched the must-visit places of Tokyo cannot miss going to the renowned Senso-ji. It is the oldest temple and is definitely a must-visit place in Tokyo. Known as the “traditional” area of this destination, people will feel the lively and calm atmosphere of this place. Furthermore, the must-see thing here is the architecture.

Go on a Shopping spree in Ginza

Are you a shopaholic? Japan is famous for its shopping scenes. The travelers must not miss the chance to go shopping when they are here. From high-end clothing brands to other stores, one will find everything here. So, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in retail therapy on your trip.

Tokyo Disneyland

Well, is there any need to mention that adding Disneyland to Japan’s itinerary is a must? Whether it’s a family trip, a holiday with your friends, or a solo trip, going to Disneyland is a must. Furthermore, let your inner child come out once you are here. If you have children with you, then they will jump in joy once they are at Cinderella’s castle. Not just this, meet the Mickey Mouse too and tick off the long pending goal on your bucket list.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Who says people cannot learn new things and enhance their knowledge while on a holiday? Go to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and learn things you didn’t know before. Furthermore, those who are in Tokyo with their families and kids must not miss going to this place and finding new things about the ASIMO robot, etc.

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