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Possible difficulties and strategies to overcome them

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Getting a license if you have a DSA can present some difficulties. What obstacles do those with a DSA encounter in the license quizzes and in the practical driving test? What strategies to adopt to circumvent them?

Quiz for driving license and DSA

Difficulty in passing the quizzes for the automatic driving lessons? Some kids with DSA encounter several. Will it happen to you too? It depends on your DSA.

Here are the two main obstacles some teens encounter:

  1. Memorization difficulties

For many dyslexics, it is difficult to memorize the amount of knowledge required to obtain an automatic driving lesson.

Here are some strategies to follow to get around this difficulty:

  • Follow the theory lessons of the driving school; if it is a good driving school they will also teach you some “tricks” to understand the logic of the quizzes and memorize the solutions more easily.
  • Buy and study the book that the driving school indicates to you.
  • If the suggested book doesn’t contain enough quizzes, buy another one: this driving license quiz book is current for 2019.
  • Take lots of quizzes and have the driving school instructor explain your mistakes: it will help you memorize the correct answer better.
  • Also take advantage of online quizzes; these sites allow you to simulate the theoretical exam.
  1. Difficulty reading during the test

Even if you don’t feel ready to take the test yet, you have to make an important decision in time: is it worth requesting speech synthesis for reading the quizzes during the exam? For the moment, it is the only concession granted in the case of DSA and requires a certificate drawn up by a neuropsychiatry attesting to your DSA (that’s why you can’t limit yourself to the day before the exam…).

More precisely

“Candidates for driving licenses in categories A and B affected by dyslexia will be able to use the audio files during the theory test, attaching to the usual documentation, in addition to the certificate of one of the health professionals referred to in art. The Highway Code (or, where the conditions are met, from the local medical commission), a certificate from a neuropsychiatries doctor in which it is specifically attested that the candidate ” is affected by a specific learning disorder of reading (or dyslexia), and /o writing (or dysorthography) “.

During the exam:

Try to stay calm and not rush things.

Pay attention to double negatives and other words that distort the meaning of sentences: unfortunately, the syntax of questions and answers is unnecessarily complicated.

Behind the wheel with a DSA

Are you having unexpected difficulties in practical driving lessons?

Did you fail the practical driving test and just didn’t expect it?

While you may have anticipated some difficulties in passing the theory exam, you may have underestimated those in passing the practical test. And, if you’ve experienced them, maybe you haven’t thought they could depend on your DSA.

We will soon see what difficulties you may encounter or have already encountered, but first I would like to give you two pieces of general advice.

First advice: choose your driving school very carefully and, above all, your Automatic car instructor. Unfortunately, in some driving schools sergeants of the missing marines lurk, or simply not very patient people incapable of empathizing with the difficulties of others. Avoid them if you can, as they will make learning to drive even more difficult for you, for more information contact us.

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