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Powerful Ways to Provoke Emotions in Fiction Writing

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Do you want to make the readers cry or laugh just with your words? Then, you will need to write in a way that resonates with the readers and immerse them in the story so that they feel the character’s emotions right in their hearts. And to do that, writing powerful characters and scenes might not reap fruits. You will need something extra, like the character’s prominent body language, a plot twist, a different writing style, etc. In this piece, we will explore how you can provoke and convey emotions in fiction writing.

There are several other aspects of fiction writing as well that needs attention. Only a professional book writer understands the intricacies of the craft and uses proven techniques to write novels that touch the readers’ hearts.

Let’s dive right into some practical ways to provoke strong emotions in the readers through your fictional stories.

1. Create Authentic Characters

Characters are the main driver of the story. So make their circumstances, setbacks, struggles, and losses natural and genuine. Making the characters likable is a must when hurting the protagonist in the story to gain the reader’s sympathy.

Here are some key points to create authentic characters in fiction writing.

  •   Decide on the core persona/role of the character early on. It will help you understand their behavior and core emotions, and you will easily navigate through the story.
  •   Give them appropriate age, gender, and background to refine their mindset and determine their behavior patterns.
  •   Give them some flaws like impulsive responses, forgetfulness, judgmental, short-tempered, etc.
  •   Make them dynamic
  •   They should evolve/change and grow over time
  •   Give each character significant appearances and unique visuals that set them apart from one another. 

2. Build Tensions And Let The Readers Feel It

There is no point in writing fiction if your reader is not on the edge of the seat to know what’s coming next. Your story should have necessary conflict and something at stake that keeps the fire alive. This conflict can be related to something in the materialistic world or some inner conflict that the character is going through.

As a writer, make them fail at achieving their goals and give them miseries to the point that they come out of their comfort zone and fight for survival. But the key here is not to add a series of endless conflicts just for the sake of them but to give some breathing space to the reader as well. If you struggle with creating compelling conflict that evokes the readers’ emotions, hire professional ebook writing services to write your manuscript.

3. Engage Readers Senses

You will need to engage the reader in the story as well. Don’t just tell them the characters’ emotions but show them how the character is feeling it. Is his stomach rise to his throat when he faces any distress? Does his heart feel pierced by sharp needles when his lover dies? Giving these physical looks into the character’s feelings makes the readers care about them and feel their pain or happiness themselves.

Following are some actionable ways to engage the maximum senses of the readers to provide them with an immersive experience of the story.

  •   Instead of telling them how a scene looks, show them the setting. Use colors, textures, sounds, smells, and feel to explain the setting better.
  •   Engage the sense of hearing by showing them the atmosphere. Describe how the sunlight is painting everything golden, how shadows are lurking, how fire is crackling, and how birds are chirping.
  •   Give a unique style of speech to the characters that are exclusive to them. In an ideal fiction story, readers can identify the speaker in the scene by their speech patterns.
  •   Give a powerful sense of taste to the audience by using sensory references
  •   Smell has a deep connection with memories. You can experiment with connecting the sense of smell with an important novel setting.

Although using sensory references can be a powerful way to evoke emotions and create an impactful story, overuse will make the readers bored. So always play cleverly with it.

4. Write Interconnected, Rhythmic Sentences

Cohesive sentences in a rhythmic style give the writing a new taste and dynamics.

Rhythms don’t only contribute to making poems great, but they can also enhance the impact of prose as well. Write well-connected sentences that are both long and short. Weave them together to sound like poetry.

5. Use Idioms & References

It is far better to show emotions by representing its strength or weakness by using idioms. It will make the readers feel the emotions deeply. But be aware of not using cliched idioms and phrases because it will kill the beauty of your writing. Plus, don’t overuse it because it will not sound natural, and readers won’t connect with the story. Use phrases creatively and give them new touch by using your style.

6. Practice Journaling to Learn The Craft

By journaling daily at a specific time, you learn to identify your thoughts and feelings and be able to address them. Doing so for a long time will help you create characters with a strong emotional touch. You will understand how one feels in certain situations and how the protagonist or antagonist should react in certain scenes. It adds authenticity and genuineness to the characters, and they seem legit.


To make the character sounds genuine and evoke emotions in the readers, it is important to learn the fundamentals first. Some major keys to remember are using sensory details and idioms in moderate quantity, writing rhythmic sentences, and triggering readers with intense conflicts are some solid practices to follow.

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