Plan Pregnancy with the Right Astrology Guidance

Plan Pregnancy with the Right Astrology Guidance

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Pregnancy is a special and important time in a person’s life. The idea is that astrology, which involves studying the positions of celestial bodies like stars and planets, can be used as an astrology guide during pregnancy.

Planning Pregnancy: According to astrology, specific time of conceive a baby might be considered more auspicious or favourable for starting a family. So, planning to get pregnant during these times is believed to contribute to the baby’s good health.

Remedies and Lifestyle Changes: Astrology may offer suggestions for remedies and lifestyle changes to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy. This could involve wearing certain gemstones or following specific practices that are thought to bring positive energy.

Delivery Timing: The statement suggests that astrology can also guide the timing of the baby’s delivery. It is believed that uncertainties or risks during childbirth can be minimized by choosing an auspicious time.

In essence, it’s about using astrological beliefs to make choices during pregnancy, from when to conceive to how to enhance well-being during pregnancy and even determining the best time for childbirth.

Can Astrology Predict about Pregnancy?

Astrology can predict when you might have a baby. According to this belief, by analyzing a person’s birth chart and the current movements of the planets (called transits and dashas), an experienced astrologer can predict when someone is likely to conceive and become a parent.

If you want to plan a pregnancy, astrologers may suggest times more favourable for increasing the chances of getting pregnant. They believe that during these periods, the alignment of the planets is supportive of conception. For example, certain astrological signs or positions of planets might be associated with fertility or deemed more auspicious for conception. Child Astrologer may also guide on the best times for conception or childbirth based on their interpretation of celestial events.

On the other hand, astrologers may also warn about risky periods when it might be better to avoid getting pregnant. This is based on their interpretation of planetary movements that could bring challenges or difficulties during that time.

When am I Lucky to Get Pregnant?

The birth chart or kundli analysis helps you know your lucky period for pregnancy or childbirth. The astrologers can provide insights into favourable periods, known as dashas, for activities like childbirth. Dashas are specific planetary periods believed to influence various aspects of life, including family planning and fertility.

According to popular belief, an experienced astrologer can examine the on-going dasha and the positions of planets in a person’s birth chart to determine when it might be considered a lucky or favourable time for conception and childbirth. They may suggest certain time windows during which they believe the cosmic energies support pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

If someone is considering pregnancy or facing fertility challenges, it is recommended to consult with an astrologer who can offer valuable information and support.

IVF Planning Pregnancy with Astrology

Astrology can give clues about whether a woman can have a baby on her own or if she might need help from procedures like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or surrogacy. Astrologers use a person’s birth chart to figure out these possibilities. Here’s how they do it:

Birth Chart Analysis: They look at a special chart, called a birth chart, that shows the positions of the stars and planets when a person is born. This chart is like a map that can tell them about different aspects of a person’s life.

Possibility of Natural Birth: Astrologers might check the birth chart to see if it indicates that having a baby naturally is likely. They look for signs that suggest a person might not face difficulties in conceiving and giving birth without any assistance.

IVF or Surrogacy Indications: On the other hand, the birth chart might also reveal if there could be challenges in having a baby without help. If this is the case, astrologers might see if the chart points towards possibilities like IVF Pregnancy (a procedure where an egg is fertilized outside the body) or surrogacy (where another woman carries the baby).

Guidance for Fertility Procedures: Astrologers can then offer advice based on their interpretation of their birth chart. They suggest whether it’s a good time for fertility treatments or if certain procedures are more favourable at specific times.

Syncing with Lunar Cycles

Understand the Lunar Cycle: The approximately 29.5-day lunar cycle moves from the new moon to the full moon and back.

Track Your Menstrual Cycle: Note your menstrual cycle’s length, symptoms, and irregularities.

Aligning Cycles: Historical theories suggest alignment with the lunar cycle, but individual variations exist.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Engage in mindful practices during different lunar phases.

Lunar Fertility Techniques: Some methods propose timing conception based on moon phases, but more research is needed.

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