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Private Schools in Bahrain Taking Over the Education Sector – Know Complete Details Here!

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Bahrain boasts a variety of different schools, each catering to children from distinct cultural backgrounds. Some offer Indian curriculum-based studies, while others teach American curriculum courses.

The Gulf region stands out by hosting an exceptional and well-funded private school in Bahrain: the Children’s Academy. Serving children between three and nine, they teach English while catering to students with Down’s syndrome, Autism, Development Coordination Disorder as well as Down syndrome.

CBSE Schools in Bahrain 

As parents, selecting an educational institution for your child is a monumental decision. Your decision may depend on several factors, including where you live in Bahrain (expat areas like Budaiya, Saar and Hamala often have long waiting lists for schools), your budget and whether or not you intend on enrolling them in small local preschools or large international schools with nursery sections.

  • Complying with the Ministry

All private schools in Bahrain must comply with Ministry of Education regulations regarding health issues (vaccination records must be kept since birth) and curriculum requirements, including providing Arabic to certain age groups as early as age three and Islamic studies for Muslim pupils from an earlier age. They are also required to perform Ofsted-type inspections regularly, with some schools being externally accredited.

  • Looking After Expats

There are several schools in Bahrain for expats. The New Indian School in Bahrain, which follows the CBSE curriculum and follows all government holidays as well as declared Indian Holidays, can be found at Manama. Parents elect their three-year terms on its board of trustees. Students enrolled in the Indian curriculum can participate in both national and international competitions, applying to top Indian universities based on their grades or mark/cutoff thresholds, as well as sitting for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE (Mains + Advanced) or NEET-UG.

Most Expensive Schools in Bahrain 

The most expensive school in Bahrain is the one offering international curricula like British and American programs, catering to expatriates from around the globe and offering high standards of education with well-rounded experiences for their children. Furthermore, these institutions must adhere to Ministry of Education regulations regarding health records (vaccination records from birth are required) as well as curriculum approval from this body.

  • Acclaimed Ones

The Lycee Francais MLF de Bahrein is an acclaimed French school that provides both preschool and primary school classes, located in Adliya’s central district and housed within converted villas with gardens and play areas surrounding them. Students come from over 50 different nations; staff is recruited either locally or from France.

  • Impressive Curriculum

The curriculum of private schools in Bahrain follows both the National Curriculum of England and Bahrain for Early Years Foundation Stage through Year 3 (Grade 3), boasting a low student-teacher ratio. Highly esteemed by its ministry, this school was also the first fully authorized IB school in Bahrain; its staff includes British and Canadian qualified educators – unique among schools in Bahrain that offer dual language programs with Arabic and English simultaneously.

Special Needs Schools in Bahrain 

Bahrain stands out among GCC states by having an outstanding special education system and commitment to an inclusive teaching philosophy that believes all children deserve equal participation in all educational experiences

  • Improved Government Policy

Government policy also offers free education for special needs students in public schools across the country, helping improve the educational performance of these pupils while making it easier for parents to locate suitable schools for them. But this may not be sufficient; many parents opt for private schools in Bahrain so as to guarantee structured curriculums with sufficient attention given.

  • Rights for Everyone

The National Strategy for the Rights of People with Disabilities promotes greater integration of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities into mainstream schools, to which end the Ministry of Education has begun enrolling these children according to their assessment scores and making public schools, ministries, and commercial centers more accessible for people with disabilities.

The Children’s Academy is an esteemed private special needs school located in Bahrain. These offer an English-based curriculum and BTEC syllabus that enables its students to graduate with recognized qualifications.

Admission Criteria of Private Schools in Bahrain

If you are planning to choose private schools in Bahrain for your child, there are numerous options available. The 1998 Education Law mandates that non-state schools must appoint a board of management with members possessing certain qualifications and an excellent reputation, free from criminal convictions, and approved by the minister. Home-schooling children are permitted in Bahrain as well, with several academies offering private teachers for full-time study at home.

  • Fees & Process

The private schools in Bahrain fees are nominal. Admission criteria differ by school, but most accept students of any nationality, age and gender. You will be asked by private schools in Bahrain for official documentation regarding your child’s school experience, including report cards and test results from previous schools attended. Admissions teams will evaluate both academic and social development as well as needs within policy guidelines before selecting the optimal educational placement for them within policy guidelines – applications can be submitted via ETH Digital Campus.

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