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Pros And Cons Of Custom Software Development

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What is the secret of good development?

Behind every effective custom software development there is an advanced and unique methodology far from traditional methods. That is, development methods have evolved from the so-called waterfall, to the current agile ones, much more customer-oriented and with much more active customer participation that guarantees the achievement of the client’s objectives.

When faced with the acquisition or subscription of more or less closed products, we will always have the alternative of custom enterprise software development, but what is it, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

What does it mean to develop custom software?

It is the service of creation and design of computer tools inspired by the specific needs of the companies that hire it. To make this possible, you need a team of experts specialized in development and trained to analyze client characteristics in order to optimize key processes for your business.

In a globalized, advanced and constantly evolving world, it is not easy to detect the need to hire software development consulting firms. Typically, companies feel the need as they grow and their competition increases, at which point they need to differentiate themselves effectively. And if you are a leader in your market, it is difficult for commercial products to exist that meet your operational needs.

Developing software to suit you allows you to overcome these limits!

7 characteristics of custom development

When a client contracts a service from a software development provider, they do so expecting to receive the best possible results. That is, meeting your objectives, adapting to your needs and offering personalized attention at all times.

The main characteristics of developing custom systems are:

  1. Exclusivity. The process is carried out thinking only about your business.
  2. Customer opinion. The developer values ​​the client’s opinion at all times.
  3. Personalization. The design is personalized and aimed at the target audience.
  4. Differentiation. The design is unique and differentiates the company’s image.
  5. Adaptation. The development is adapted to the specific needs of the client, even the most hidden ones.
  6. Maintenance. When development meets programming standards, maintenance and updating are easier.
  7.  Change management. An aspect that takes into account the uses and customs of the organization, designing an implementation plan for this purpose, which often even begins by respecting the initial organization of the fields on the forms or on paper to make it simpler. We are creatures of habit and we must take this into account.

So far, the features, but not all that glitters is gold. Custom development can also present some difficulties that can be resolved if you have the support of the supplier.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom software development

The way the software is developed must respond to a series of critical aspects, such as deployment in record time, the optimal relationship between quality and price, as well as the best user experience.

In this section, we have collected the pros and cons of the custom development process, so take note.


  • Adaptation to the most specific needs of the client. That is, adaptation to the company and not the other way around.
  • Reduction of learning time on the use of the software.
  • Better user experience.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Continuous updates and maintenance, at the request of the business and not the product supplier.
  • Ease of integration with the company’s IT infrastructure that is incorporated into the design itself.
  • Flexibility and agility, being able to implement improvements as new needs arise in the company.
  • Better technical support and training, adapted to operational needs.


  • Its main disadvantage is that it is more expensive than when it comes to canned development, with two conditions: it is the company that adapts to the product and the functionality offered must cover a high percentage of needs.

Over the years, agile platforms have become the best way to develop software that is fast, complete, flexible and integrated with company systems in record time.

One last note on custom development

For any company today it is practically unthinkable to be left out of digitalization. Software development solutions provide growth, process automation, organization and problem solving. And to do this, they need to hire specialized custom software development companies, with agile methodologies and low-code development platforms .The correct choice of development methodology is key to leading a project to success.

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