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Quench Your Soul With The Most Spiritual Char Dham Yatra 2024 Packages

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Before planning out Char Dham tour, you should know the basic details of these holy places. For the ones who have little idea about Char Dham yatra 2024, we would like to tell that it mainly includes Yamunotri -gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath as four holy shrines. All the temples are situated at Gadwal district of Uttarakhand. The Hindu pilgrims are expected to reach the place after the Akshay Tritiya every year. The temple remains open for six months and then gets closed for the next six months of the year.

Bring more peace in life with the miniature char Dham yatra 2024. Plan out a well planned professional tour that includes pre-booking of hotels, helicopters and means of transportation. A pre scheduled Char Dham tour eliminates all the hassles and has the basic amenities required to reach the path of salvation with peace.

What is the price of Char Dham yatra package?

Char dham Package price remains dependent on the means of transportation, agency and type of amenities you choose. For example, the package prices are generally higher for foreign tourists in comparison to the local one. Also, the inclusion of helicopters and other holy places remains variable. The total char Dham yatra includes four Majestic locations. However, you might get to visit a couple of extra temples as a part of the whole tour.

Do go for Char Dham…

Irrespective of Char dham Package price and your budget, you should always make up your mind to visit these four holy places at least once in your lifetime. The glimpse of Yamuna- Ganga, Badrinath and Kedarnath brings immense blessings from the Almighty. If you think that covering the entire holy tour on foot is impossible, opt for char Dham by helicopter services. The available facility can help you to cover up the whole place in two days only.

When should I avoid going to chardham?

For hundreds of years people have visited Uttarakhand to get a glimpse of these holy temples. During the immense winter season, the temples are inaccessible. It is said that gods and goddesses move to their comfortable winter abodes during the snowfall season.

Should I visit Kedarnath and Badrinath?

Char dham yatra 2024 Is best to be executed somewhere between April – October. The pilgrims can cover up all four holy destinations with the help of travel agencies and local means of transportation. 

How to reach Kedarnath-Uttarakhand?

Reaching Kedarnath or Chhota Dham yatra is very easy nowadays. The availability of Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun makes it very convenient for pilgrims to directly land at the location. Additionally, you can board a train that is well-connected with Dehradun. Hiring a taxi remains the last step where you will proceed towards the temples and worship the Lord there.

Char dham Yatra 2024 is one step ahead towards salvation, peace and happiness. It is like doing something tremendously spiritual once in the lifetime. Hence, prepare yourself mentally and financially to visit Lord Badrinath and Kedarnath in April 2024 by any means.

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