Reasons To Install Automatic Sliding Gate

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The Automatic Sliding Gate is a feature of modern parking garages that allows for one-way traffic into a particular area. The gate is mounted to the ceiling and operates on an electric motor. It has built-in sensors that detect when someone steps in front of the gate. The guidance system will open the gate to allow access or close it once the vehicle has passed through. Some benefits of this type of gate include ease of operation, safety for pedestrians, and easy assembly.

One-way automatic gates are available in many different styles and sizes. The main difference is the system they use to detect if a vehicle (or person) is in front of the gate. These systems come in two basic types: infrared and laser detection. Both types have advantages, but they also have their disadvantages that are important to consider when choosing your garage gate’s automatic sliding gate installation. We at PCM Nice offer you our recommendations based on our experience and years of a technical consultation.

Why Choose


1. Ease of use

Installing an Automatic Sliding Gate one-way gate is a simple process that takes less than half an hour. Manual sliding gates are more difficult to install and may require the services of a technician. This task should be left to a professional for the garage. Otherwise, modifying the layout or even demolishing and rebuilding part of your garage’s structure will be necessary.

2. Safety

The Automatic Sliding Gate is safer than the manual gate. This type of safety feature reduces the need for workers to manually control the gate, which greatly reduces their risk of injury. No matter how diligent your workers might be, keeping a constant eye on workers and all aspects of the work being done in the garage is impossible. The gates may close suddenly if the worker is distracted by something. An automatic one-way gate eliminates this danger.

Role of Cantilever Sliding Gate

This automatic gate can be mounted on a ceiling, wall, or stand.

The advantage of Cantilever Sliding Gate is that the user easily installs them. The system is controlled by sensors that detect objects in front of the gate and operate it accordingly. These systems are usually fully automatic and require no assembly or installation. The disadvantage of this type is the space required for installation. It is larger than a lateral sliding gate. The size can be customized, availing the services of a skilled technician in your area.

This type of automatic gate also forms part of the security system and can be installed as such. The gates are controlled by sensors that detect objects in front of them and operate them accordingly. These systems are usually fully automatic and require no assembly or installation.

What is a Telescopic Gate?

The Telescopic Gate is the most popular design of sliding gates. This type of automatic sliding gate is available in different sizes, making it easy to install in any building, size, and shape. It can be installed on ceilings, walls, and floors. The gate can be controlled either by the user or not.

The Telescopic Gate comes in different varieties and brands. There are those which highly affect the sliding doors. This type of gate features a motorized system, thus making it quieter when it is opening and closing, making it more attractive to customers who want to invest in such a system.


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