Refinancing 101: Strategies to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

Refinancing a mortgage is a smart financial decision for many people. Whether you are searching to cut down your ICICI home loan mortgage payments or access the equity of your residential property, mortgage refinancing can assist you in meeting your financial aims and saving bucks via the incentives banking institutions use to attract new customers and the low ICICI home loan interest rate.

Many people’s largest monthly purchase is housing. Does your mortgage take up more space in your budget? If so, you may search for ways to reduce your monthly mortgage payments. Do not worry. The article will unveil a few strategies you can adopt to decrease your mortgage payments. Keep reading the blog post to know more!

Strategies to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

Below are a few strategies you can use to refinance your ICICI home loan mortgage payments:-

Refinance to a Low Rate

Suppose you purchased your dream home when the ICICI home loan interest rate was high and has since decreased. In that case, refinancing your loan to a low rate can help lower your monthly mortgage payments. Refinancing means replacing your current ICICI home loan with a new one, usually with a low-interest rate or different loan tenure. This is called rate-and-term refinancing, which can lead to substantial monthly savings without raising the total repayment price.

Extend Your Loan Tenure

Extending the tenure of your existing home loan can decrease your monthly mortgage payments. This provides you more time to repay your mortgage and make other purchases. Let’s understand this with an example. You avail of an ICICI home loan with a tenure of 15 years, but the monthly payments are heavy on your pockets, along with other purchases to take care of. In this scenario, extending the tenure of your home loan from 15 to 30 years can lower your monthly mortgage payments. Remember, adding more time means paying high interest costs because you reset the payment clock. Therefore, more of your monthly payments go towards paying the interest than the principal amount in the early repayment years.

Avert Mortgage Insurance

Suppose you own a traditional ICICI home loan mortgage and put below 20% down when purchasing your residential property. In that case, you could pay private mortgage insurance. It differs from homeowner insurance and does not protect you in financial terms. You must get rid of private mortgage insurance to lower your monthly mortgage payments. When you reach 22% equity, your loan provider will automatically dismiss mortgage insurance. If you wish to decrease your mortgage payments monthly, you can request your lender to drop the mortgage insurance criteria when you reach 20% equity. Meeting specific requirements, like a good repayment history and no other mortgages, can boost your chance of your mortgage insurance getting cancelled, but it’s not guaranteed. 

Search for Home Insurance

Suppose you pay your homeowner insurance monthly. You can switch to an insurance company if you get a good deal with someone else. Get quotes from different organizations and shop around. Also, it is important to focus on other aspects, like customer care services and the trustworthiness of the carrier. You wish to avoid ending up with a loan provider who takes a long time to resolve your query or someone notorious for unreasonable claims.

Recast Your Loan

Suppose you already have an ICICI home loan interest rate, and refinancing does not suit you. In that case, consider recasting your loan. When recasting loans, you pay a huge lump sum towards the balance. Your loan provider re-amortizes your mortgage, reducing the balance while other loan terms remain unchanged. As an outcome, you pay less in interest and pay less each month.

Modify Mortgage

If you find paying monthly mortgage payments challenging because of a vital event in your life, like a job loss, you may be eligible for a mortgage modification. This modifies the terms and conditions of your ICICI home loan and assists you in averting foreclosure. This can also include cutting down on your ICICI home loan interest rate, lengthening the repayment tenure, and decreasing the principal amount. The eligibility for this can vary, so contact your lender, complete the paperwork, and show that you can pay consistently. You will get an offer with the terms and conditions when you get approved.


Mortgage refinancing is key to decreasing monthly payments and saving money over your ICICI home loan tenure. Grasping the fundamentals of refinancing, evaluating your financial condition, and exploring multiple options for refinancing your monthly mortgage payments can help you make a sound decision that tunes well with your long-standing financial aims. Whether you secure a low ICICI home loan interest rate, extend the tenure, or shift to a different type of loan, the correct refinancing methodology can offer substantial financial steadiness and relief. Seek professional assistance and research to ensure that refinancing is the perfect option. With proper planning, refinancing can be a great tool to help you manage your monthly mortgage payments and achieve financial independence.

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