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Rob McKinney: Everything You Need to Know about the Celebrity Aviator

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Rob McKinney, the CEO of New Pacific Airlines and Ravn Alaska holds a celebrity status. It’s primarily due to the fact that he embodies the spirit of innovation and tenacity in the aviation industry. With a rich background in piloting, airline management, and a trailblazing career, McKinney has left an indelible mark on the airline landscape. Let’s take a closer look into McKinney’s journey, from his early days as a pilot to his current role overseeing two major airlines, highlighting his strategic acumen and commitment to aviation excellence.

Where it all began

A proud graduate of Purdue University with an MBA from Ellis College, McKinney’s journey into the aviation world began with a solid educational foundation. His training and experience in piloting commercial aircraft set the stage for a career marked by continuous growth and achievement.

Roles in Hawaiian Aviation

McKinney’s impact on the airline industry became evident during his tenure as Vice President and Director of Operations for Pacific Wings, LLC. Tasked with revitalizing the Hawaiian-based scheduled commuter airline, McKinney successfully tripled passenger loads, showcasing his ability to drive operational efficiency and boost performance.

His skills were further put to the test when hired by Mokulele Flight Service, Inc. in Kona, HI. McKinney was instrumental in transforming a small local air tour company into a scheduled commuter airline. His achievements included securing scheduled status and establishing a code share agreement with Mesa Airlines, leading to the operation of go!Express within the Hawaiian islands.

SeaPort Airlines – a New Challenge

McKinney’s career trajectory continued to ascend as he joined the original investors and founders of SeaPort Airlines. Serving as the company’s first employee, McKinney played a pivotal role in establishing scheduled commuter airline service from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. Progressing from Chief Operating Officer to CEO, McKinney navigated SeaPort Airlines through its transition, including the acquisition of Aerodynamics Inc. (ADI).

Mokulele Airlines

Expanding Horizons: As CEO of Mokulele Airlines, McKinney further demonstrated his leadership prowess by enhancing the airline’s operations. With a focus on profitability, he streamlined routes, implemented yield management strategies, and expanded the airline’s footprint to include California. His strategic initiatives contributed to the airline’s success, eventually leading to a profitable exit for the owner through a sale to Southern Airways Express.

Float Shuttle – a Vision Interrupted:

Undeterred by challenges, McKinney ventured into Urban Air Mobility with Float Shuttle, Inc., aimed at providing innovative solutions for commuting in the Los Angeles basin. Unfortunately, the ambitious project faced a significant setback as the global pandemic hit just three weeks into its operation. Despite the adversity, McKinney’s entrepreneurial spirit remained intact.

Ravn Alaska – a Lifeline for Rural Communities:

Recognizing the critical role that regional airlines play in connecting remote communities, McKinney turned his attention to Ravn Alaska amid the pandemic. Teaming up with a partner from Float Shuttle, McKinney raised the necessary funds and acquired Corvus Airlines, Inc. and Peninsula Aviation Service, Inc., both doing business as Ravn Alaska, out of bankruptcy. This strategic move was driven by McKinney’s belief in the essential services Ravn Alaska provided to rural Alaska.

A Journey from Humble Beginnings:

Raised on a farm in Indiana, McKinney’s journey to the pinnacle of the aviation industry is a testament to his resilience and work ethic. His career trajectory includes running an airport and flight school for a private boarding school, flying FedEx in the Caribbean, and managing airlines, showcasing a diverse skill set and adaptability.

Rob McKinney today

As of today, McKinney shoulders the responsibility of overseeing a combined workforce of 420 employees, managing 11 aircraft, and connecting communities through 13 destinations. His role as the CEO of both New Pacific Airlines and Ravn Alaska underscores his ability to lead and guide airlines through various challenges, demonstrating his commitment to sustaining essential air services.

Rob McKinney’s career is a tapestry of achievements, challenges, and strategic endeavors that have significantly shaped the aviation landscape. From his early days as a pilot to leading two major airlines, McKinney’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of the aviation industry’s nuances. As he continues to navigate the skies with vision and tenacity, McKinney remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring aviation professionals and a driving force behind the success of New Pacific Airlines and Ravn Alaska.

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