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Save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes with an Expert Guide

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Email Clients the one of the important parts of communication in this modern world. We use different Email clients for our personal and business communication. Thunderbird is one of the popular email clients used by the professional. Sometimes due to various reasons, Thunderbird users need to convert their messages to Lotus Notes it is also known as IBM Notes by various users. Lotus Notes is also an email client used by business professionals. It uses the Domino server which has its benefit over Thunderbird mailbox formats. Because of the difference in their data store format file, it creates issues to save Thunderbird as Lotus notes.

In this article, we discuss the methods by which MBOX Converter you can export our Thunderbird email in NSF format. And benefits of the NSF format.

Reasons For Export Thunderbird to NSF Format 

There are various reasons why a user wants to export their Thunderbird data into Lotus Notes.

  • Moving Thunderbird email to Lotus Notes ensures the standardization within organization.
  • The Security in Lotus Notes is higher than the other email client. In this security at every layer. Which decreases any risk of data loss and corruption. It is one of the main reasons to save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes
  •  The information sharing and storing data feature that you get in Lotus Notes is very effective and secure. It uses the Domino server for storing data. Which is more secure and reliable than Thunderbird, which saves locally. If any situation you lose your mailbox in Thunderbird you lose your data whereas in Lotus Notes there is such a problem.
  •  The user interface in Lotus Notes is very impressive and feature-rich and it provides some advanced functionality.
  • If a user wants to shift from Thunderbird to Lotus Notes and they want their old messages in Lotus Notes That would be the main reason.

These are some reasons why a user wants to export their Thunderbird email to Lotus Notes. 

Method of Save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes

There is no manual or direct method for exporting Thunderbird to NSF format. The only way is that is to use the Third-party automated tool for this problem. Which is also recommended by the industry experts.

Professional Methods Export Thunderbird to NSF Format

As we know Thunderbird and Lotus Notes are completely different applications. Thunderbird is managed by Mozilla whereas Lotus Notes is managed by IBM. Because of this, we need to use the automated tool this transferring of data from Thunderbird to Lotus Notes.

Here, we use the SysTools Thunderbird Converter which is one of the popular tool used in industries also known for seamless performance and secure conversion processes. Which ensures that user data is protected during the processes.

Steps to Save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes

  • First of all download & install the tool in your system.
  • Lunch this Tool.
  • Click on the Add Folder option at the top left corner to access the Thunderbird mailbox in this tool for the format change process.
  • A new popup is open > Select the Thunderbird from “Select an Email Application”.
  • Choose “Select file(s)/folder from file System” from the radio buttons.
  • Tap the Next button to proceed.
  • Browse the location of the Thunderbird mailbox and click on the proceed button to add the folder to this tool.
  • Now, all emails are visible on the main dashboard Select the desired email if you don’t select any email take all emails into consideration. 
  • Go to the Export Button and A popup is open for further options.
  • Select the NSF from the Export Type options.
  • Give the destination location where you want to save the resultant Lotus file.
  • Advanced settings are also available like a Date filter if you want to a particular mail between particular dates check if you want.
  • Hit the Export button to initiate the process.

Some features of This Tools

  • It gives multiple export options.
  • Able to Export full Thunderbird profile without any changes.
  • Able to handle multiple Thunderbird accounts.
  • Handle large files efficiently.

Indirect Method for Save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes

Technically there is no indirect method to export Thunderbird to NSF format. If you find any method on the internet do go with that without taking a backup of your all data because it might cause data loss and file corruption and if you do not take a backup you will lose data forever.

If you think of the any online method. So, do not go with that site because they have stolen your data. If your thunderbird contains any crucial information related to business and finance. Then it will harm you in the long term.


In this article, we discuss the reason for save Thunderbird as Lotus Notes(IBM Notes) and we also talk about the procedure to use the tool and what extra functionality it provides us. The automated method is the only secure way to export Thunderbird to NSF formats.

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