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Securing Your Glass Doors: The Futuristic Advantages of Biometric Locks

How do you improve security on your glass doors? Not only are they a symbol of modern design and elegance, but they are also prone to security challenges. The future of security lies in biometric locks for glass doors.

This advanced security system allows you to use unique physical traits to access entry to a home or office. They enhance security, convenience, and make it possible for you to integrate them with other smart security systems.

Godrej has leveraged these technological advancements to pioneer the use of biometric locks for glass doors with fingerprint technology. The fingerprint scanner scans people’s fingerprints and runs the captured image through software for a match. All authorised persons must have their fingerprint images collected first to allow them entry. Those whose fingerprints go unmatchted are denied entry to the office premises, ensuring that security is not compromised by unwanted trespass.

Godrej offers a wide variety of such biometric locks, and depending on the factors given below, buyers can choose the one which fits their requirements best.

Tips to Choose the Right Biometric Locks for Glass Doors

Price and Budget

Pricing and budgeting are essential factors to consider, mainly because there are so many biometric door locks in the market today. The door lock handle price should fit your budget, hence compare different functionalities and buy what you need.

Ease of Use

You need a simple biometric lock for all the authorised users. If children are involved, ensure they can operate the biometric door, especially if they need to access it independently. If you need to train users to use the biometric door, ensure that you do so.


Not all locks are ideal for all doors. Consider if the lock you choose can function on a glass door. You can enquire from a manufacturer about the best type of biometric door locks for your glass door.

Security Features

Considering technological advancements, you will find so many biometric doors available. Conduct thorough market research on the options available and their functions and compare that with your security needs.

Now that you know how to choose a biometric lock for your glass door, you must also be aware of the advantages that come with installing the locks. Given below are some advantages of installing biometric locks on glass doors:

Advantages of Biometric Locks on Glass Doors

Safety and Security

If you fear losing keys or the increase in home burglaries, biometric locks are ideal. The system scans your unique fingerprints to lock or unlock your glass door, meaning only authorised persons can enter your home. You can also get real-time alerts on people who access or attempt to access your home.

Automatic Locking System

Is it hard to remember at times to lock your doors? When a biometric door is closed, it automatically gets locked, putting you at ease. You don’t have to worry about getting up to check on the front door, as you are sure it will automatically lock. Additionally, you can check on your smartphone to confirm the door locking.

Ease of Use

The biometric door lock is easy to use as you can program it with different fingerprints. It is perfect for homes and big enterprises since you can register many fingerprints.

Modern Aesthetic

A glass door is a statement look in either your office or home. It needs a stylish door handle to complement the look. A captivating biometric door handle adds colour and pomp to your beautiful interior.

Easy to Install

Biometric door locks are not only easy to use but easy to install. Besides, they suit all doors, and you can integrate them with other security systems. You can enhance your security using other smart systems, such as voice control or security cameras.

Back up Battery

A biometric door lock has an inbuilt battery when it comes to functioning. You must choose a door lock that indicates a low battery to ensure efficiency in operation throughout.

A glass door in your home or office adds an aesthetic appeal, but you must ensure it is always secure. Biometric door locks leverage unique human characteristics, enhancing security, convenience, ease of use and seamless integration with smart systems. Embrace the future of home and office security by getting a biometric lock for your glass door from Godrej today. Preserve the beautiful entrance with a futuristic security option.

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