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Shopify Make an Offer a Guide for Savvy Shoppers

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Hey there savvy shoppers and shop owners! Ever walk through a bustling market where you can haggle for a better price? Now imagine that, but online. That’s what Shopify, the mega-online marketing space, is offering a Make an Offer app called Pay What You Want by Extendons that works on Pay What You Want pricing strategy. This is exciting, trust me! Ready to dive deep into the world of fun and flexible pricing? Buckle up!

  1. What is “Make an Offer”? 

Alright, first things first. “Make an Offer” isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s a tool where, instead of just paying what’s shown, you get to play a part in setting the price. Picture this: You see a cool jacket. Instead of the set price, you think, “Hmm, I’d pay a bit less for that.” With Pay What You Want, you can tell the store your price idea! It’s like trading cards in the playground, where you offer a trade and see if the other person agrees.

  1. Benefits of Using “Make an Offer” 

Get more out of your Shopify store by installing the Pay What You Want app with extensions to give you the luxury of your customers to quote their own price for your products. Adding a make an offer feature to your store will give you more space to sell your products at the best requested price by your customers.

– More Sales: Everyone loves a deal. If buyers feel they’re getting a special bargain, they’re more likely to hit that purchase button. Plus, it’s fun!

– Fewer Abandoned Carts: Sometimes, we leave items in our cart and forget. With a price they had a say in, customers might be more keen to buy.

– Special Shopping Feel: It’s like VIP shopping! Customers get a unique, personalized experience.

– Clearing Old Stock: Those shoes from last season? They might find a home with someone who offers a fair price.

  1. Setting Up “Make an Offer” 

Getting started is like piecing together a fun puzzle:

– Check that your Shopify store is all set. You want a smooth space to welcome your customers.

– Here are the step-by-step guides. Imagine a treasure map, leading you to the prize of flexible pricing.

– There’s a team of helper apps on Shopify. They’re like friendly robots, making your job easier.

  1. Best Ways to Use “Make an Offer” 

Tips to shine:

– Know your limits. If you don’t sell below a certain price, keep that number in your mind.

– Clear communication is key. If the game rules are clear, everyone has more fun.

– Review offers regularly. Adjust based on what’s working and what’s not.

  1. Things to Watch Out For 

However, it’s not all sunshine:

– Value perception: You don’t want your items to seem cheap. Balance is vital.

– Super low offers: Some offers might be way too low. Be prepared.

– Technical hiccups: Make sure all systems are running smoothly.

  1. Success Stories 

Lots of stores tried “Make an Offer” and saw big wins. From increased sales to happier customers, the success tales are inspiring.

8. Questions People Often Ask 

1. Q: How does the “Make an Offer” feature work?

A: Great question! “Make an Offer” lets you, the buyer, suggest a price you’re willing to pay for a product. When you see something you like, instead of just adding it to your cart at the listed price, you can propose a different price. The store owner then gets to decide if they accept your offer, make a counteroffer, or decline it.

  1. Q: Can I use “Make an Offer” for any product in the store?

A: It depends on the store owner. While the “Make an Offer” app can be used for any product, some store owners might choose to only use it for certain items. It’s always a good idea to check the product details or ask the store directly if you’re unsure.

  1. Q: What happens after I make an offer? How long do I have to wait for a response?

A: Once you make an offer, the store owner gets a notification. They can then accept, decline, or counter your offer. Response times can vary from store to store, but many aim to get back to potential buyers as quickly as possible. If you’re in a hurry, it might be helpful to check the store’s policies or contact them directly.

  1. Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can make an offer on the same product?

A: Typically, there’s no set limit. However, it’s good manners to not spam a store with too many offers in a short time. If a store owner feels an individual is not making genuine offers, they might choose to decline further negotiations.

  1. Q: Can a store owner decline my offer without giving a reason?

A: Yes, they can. While it’s always nice to get feedback, store owners have the right to decline any offer without explaining why. If you’re keen on the product, you can always try making a new offer or reach out to the store for more details.

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The e-commerce world is evolving and with features like “Make an Offer” on Shopify, the shopping experience is becoming more interactive, flexible, and personal. It’s a bridge between traditional haggling at local markets and the digital shopping cart.

For shoppers, it’s an opportunity to have a say in the price they pay. For store owners, it’s a chance to engage more deeply with customers, move inventory, and even uncover the true value of their products.

As with any tool, there are nuances to navigate, but the potential rewards for both buyers and sellers are clear. Whether you’re thinking of implementing it in your Shopify store or just keen to try it out as a buyer, “Make an Offer” might just reshape your online shopping experience. Happy haggling!


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