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Should You Book The Wall Street Journal Digital Subscriptions?

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There are two choices for a reader who is eager to book subscription coupons for the WSJ. You can pick up a coupon for the physical copy and also resort to The Wall Street Journal subscription digital. You would love to go for the coupons due to the price discount and this is the all-important decision to make.  In this age of digital penetration, plenty of readers are resorting to booking digital subscriptions and you can follow. If you are comfortable handling internet systems, it would be appropriate because you can look forward to a seamless news-reading experience. The positives are simply too many and you would hate to miss out. Let us understand the benefits of subscribing to the digital copy of this print medium.

Constant access to the news:

As a reader, of the physical copy you might not always get constant access to news due to multiple reasons. People who travel frequently may not always get access to news updates because the physical copy will be delivered to a certain address. At times, there could be issues of bad weather causing delivery disruptions. You are spared from these hassles by subscribing to the digital version because there is direct reach to the website. Your physical location does not matter because you get a login ID and password to access the website if the space has an internet connection. You are allowed to make multiple logins into the website and read the news as many times as you desire.

A bigger discount:

The discount package is bigger for The Wall Street Journal subscription digital offer and rightly so. You must realize that digital news reading cuts out the need for physical delivery. The management need not have to allocate someone to deliver the newspaper to you every day. This leads to cost-cutting and some of it is always transferred to the reader. The digital coupons are priced at a significant discount to that of the physical version. This technology upgrade offers the scope to save money and you would not want to miss out. You must get habituated to the concept of reading the soft copy and this should be interesting.

Is this a temporary promo package?

This question could be at the back of your mind because of a temporary promo package, you would not desire to disturb your news reading schedule. You should note that this is not a temporary promo package and is here for the long term. The modus operandi is such that even the print media management can gain significantly from this package. These discounts lead to a spike in the readership base of a print medium and in this particular case, it is the WSJ. This allows the management to hike the prices of advertisement space. The advertisement revenues are significantly higher and will easily offset the minor loss generated by selling the coupons at a discounted rate. This means even The Dow Jones Company is making money and so this package should continue over the long term. You can always subscribe with help from a third-party affiliate and benefit from the discounted pricing. The experience should be smooth for a newsreader.

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