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Singapore Cable Car Tickets Sky Pass

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The Singapore Cable Car provides a wonderful and distinctive way to discover the city’s magnificent skyline, luscious vegetation, and renowned sites.

The cable car system offers panoramic views of Singapore’s harbour, Sentosa Island’s attractions, and the surrounding natural beauty as it crosses Mount Faber and Sentosa Island. 

The Singapore Cable Car tickets is a well-liked tourist destination that draws both visitors and residents thanks to its cosy cabins and immersive experiences.


To accommodate a range of tastes and price points, the Singapore Cable Car offers a number of ticket options. These consist of:

  • Round journey: This ticket entitles you to a round journey on the cable car, enabling you to take in the breathtaking views from Sentosa Island and Mount Faber.
  • Mount Faber Line: With this ticket, you can take the cable car one way from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island or the other way around.
  • Sentosa Line: This pass provides access to a single ride on the cable car on Sentosa Island, making it a practical method to get around and see the island’s attractions.
  • Sky Pass: This all-inclusive pass offers access to the Sentosa Line, round-trip cable car service, and admission to a number of Sentosa Island attractions, including Universal Studios Singapore and the S.E.A. Aquarium.
  • Dining Options: The Singapore Cable Car also provides distinctive dining options, allowing you to have a meal or high tea while taking in the breathtaking vistas. Both the cable car journey and the meal are included in these tickets.

Types of tickets:

Tickets for the Singapore Cable Car are priced differently depending on the type of ticket, any existing specials, and the visitor’s age. For the most up-to-date pricing details, it is advised to consult the official Singapore Cable Car website or accredited ticketing services.

Online reservations for Singapore Cable Car tickets are advised to ensure a hassle-free and seamless experience. You can reserve your favourite day and time window online, which is convenient and prevents long lines at the ticket desks.

It is significant to remember that the Singapore Cable Car runs from early in the morning till late at night. Consider the hours of operation and schedule your visit appropriately.

Stations for the Singapore Cable Car include a range of services and facilities to improve your experience. These may consist of:

  • Information Booths
  • Dining and shopping establishments
  • Accessibility and restrooms
  • Opportunities for Photography etc…


When you arrive at the Singapore Cable Car station, heed the instructions and follow the signs to the ticket booths or the approved access points. 

Proceed to the boarding area after presenting your e-tickets for scanning. The cabins of the cable cars are roomy and created to offer a comfortable journey.

 The most out of your Singapore Cable Car experience:

  • The Cable Car Time Entry:
  • Consider scheduling your tickets for off-peak hours or less congested times to avoid long lines and ensure a more enjoyable experience.
  • Weather Considerations: Singapore’s climate may be hot and muggy, so it’s best to dress comfortably and bring sun protection items like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. The air-conditioned cable car cabins offer refuge from the heat.
  • Record the sights: Make sure your camera or smartphone is prepared to record the breathtaking sights. To get interesting images, try using various perspectives and angles. Take advantage of the photo opportunities at the stations as well, don’t forget.
  • Allow Extra Time: The cable car ride alone may take about 30 minutes, however depending on your itinerary, allow extra time to enjoy the sights on Sentosa Island or Mount Faber.
  • Both provide a wide variety food choices, and leisure activities.
  • Combine with Other Attractions: Take advantage of other nearby attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios Singapore, or the S.E.A. Aquarium by combining your Singapore Cable Car journey with them. These points of interest are nearby and will enhance your entire experience.
  • Safety and Etiquette: Comply with the staff’s directions, including any safety instructions or measures. Maintain proper conduct and be considerate to other passengers inside the cabins.


A trip on the Singapore Cable Car provides a singular and unforgettable experience with stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

You may properly organise your visit and make.

the most of your time on the cable car by learning the ticket kinds, rates, online booking processes, admission protocols, and helpful recommendations.

From the heights of the Singapore Cable Car, take pleasure in the panoramic ride, snap beautiful pictures, and take in the grandeur of Singapore.


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