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Small Apartments Renovation: Everything You Need to Know

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The reforms in small apartments aim to expand the available spaces and improve the use of the rooms in the house. Through reform, we can get many of the rooms in our homes to have more space, either through a comprehensive reform

In which we modify the structural layout of the house, or through a partial reform, with which we can recover unused spaces.

According to Whitby renovation experts, Small apartment renovations begin with a plan in which we evaluate the current layout of the house, and decide on the subsequent appearance of the house.


How to reform a small apartment to take advantage of the space?

The ideas for reforms in small apartments manage to expand the areas in which it is necessary to expand the available space. There are cases in which the original housing project wastes areas that can be incorporated into the normal use of the house.

In this case, it is important to have a building permit, with which we can modify structural elements.


Ideas to reform a small apartment

To carry out a reform in a small apartment it is not necessary to face expensive reforms, sometimes it is enough to reform a single room or vary the type of furniture to find spaces that exist, but that we are not taking advantage of correctly.

The following ideas can help you improve the use of your home and expand the square footage of a small house.


Ample space in small living room

A small room usually generates space problems. The rooms or bathrooms are spaces for private use, however, the living room is the main room that we share, therefore, a living room must have sufficient square meters.

A small living room can be expanded by removing walls that, for example, allow us to create a space in which the living room and kitchen form a single room.

Changing the living room furniture for compact furniture also helps to expand the living room of a home. In this case, it is not necessary to face a reform, we simply replace the larger furniture with other smaller furniture.

The entry of natural light is essential for the visual sensation of space, which is why it is important that reform in a small room also take into account the entry of natural light.


Furniture and decorative elements in small bedrooms

In bedrooms, it is often the furniture that reduces the available space. An idea oriented to rooms of this type is based on installing built-in cabinets.

This type of cabinet is more compact, and at the same time offers more storage capacity than exterior cabinets.

Decorative elements in bedrooms can also become inconvenient when it comes to obtaining more space in a room. If it is time to change the look of your bedroom, opt for smaller decorative elements and gain space in your room.


Take advantage of space in a small bathroom

The main reform that we carry out in a small bathroom is the change from a bathtub to a shower tray. In some cases, we can recover up to 4 square meters, depending on the size of the bathtub.

The advantage of this type of reform is that we can take advantage of the facilities present in the bathtub, and therefore costs are reduced.



It is always possible to reform a small apartment to increase the useful square meters available. This type of reform begins with a detailed analysis of the house today and the possibilities it offers to recover part of the lost space.

Either through comprehensive reform, in which we can structurally modify the house if its composition allows it, or through partial reforms, we can improve the use of our home by enlarging the spaces.

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