Know How To Stop Health Related Problems Using Birth Chart

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If you are facing health issues a very long time, you are searching the best solution for my health problems. Here medical astrology is a very popular branch of astrology that predicts human disease conditions by combining together the body, health, emotional and physical wellness. Health astrology can help decide the right time for surgeries and operations. It can also suggest a combined therapy of Ayurveda medicines, natural methods of stress reduction, diet and exercise to heal the body. Let us see how important it is for a healthy existence and to prevent the diseases before they strike us.

Understanding the Astrological Elements and Their Impact on Health

Astrological elements such as zodiac signs, lunar cycles, and influence of planets and so on, determine the health condition of a person. Health is an important component of our lives as important as education. Wealth, job etc.  We have to consider three aspects, the Sun which represents our physical constitution, the moon, our emotional health and ascendant, the strong and weak parts of the body. Prediction for disease as per kundli is a complicated job. Other planets like Mars and Venus also govern our health to a large extent.  Let us analyse how and what we can do to prevent diseases from attacking our health. Venus rules kidneys and Saturn rules bones. If a particular planet is well placed in your chart, It shows that body part represented by the planet will be in good shape. Each zodiac sign governs a specific organ of the body. It shows how our body and mind align themselves.

Diseases In Birth Chart:

The Diseases in birth chart can be predicted using the transits and the planetary dashas. If some house is weak due to malefic influences disease related to this will show up in the respective dasha.

Bad yoga in the 8th house and moon and Venus’s conjunction in a square house induces phobia and madness. A weak Lagna gives rise to congenital diseases. when malefic planets like Saturn transit in some sensitive houses, the disease indicated by that house will afflict your constitution. Certain planetary combinations in the horoscope reveal the nature of the disease that can afflict us, for example, the sun in the 12th reveals vision problems.

Drug Addiction And Alcoholism Indications In Birth Chart

What about addictions especially that of alcohol and drugs? What type of people under the influence of which planets do drugs? Rahu Ketu Mars and Saturn can induce addiction in an individual, if badly placed in the horoscope. Eight house is a strong indicator of alcoholism. If 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th houses and their lords have malefic planetary influences, it results in drug addiction. Rahu is a major planet that causes addition of all sorts. Drug Addiction and alcoholism indication in birth chart In Astrology should be thoroughly examined.

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How To Know Life Span Through Astrology

Transits and dashas, some of the factors that decide life span, planetary positions can give an idea of the events to happen in life including the health ailments.  They reveal when the disease is going to strike, and how long it is going to last. Usually, the shastra texts are of the opinion life span information should be used for situations needing where medical information is sought for treatment of a patient.  Life span prediction needs to done with care and caution.

Planetary Influence on Sexual Health:

Sex health prediction is not yet a comprehensively explored area.  Mars afflicted in the eighth house brings on issues related to sexual health.  It can also cause depression and stress.

Venus is the governing planet of pleasure. If it is weakly positioned in the chart, it shows a dull marital life. Presence of Jupiter in 7th indicates peaceful marital life. Venus brings on pure bliss in marital relationship.  Saturn and Rahu show abnormal sexual tendencies. Sun grants marital life with an aggressive feel. If Mars, Venus, Rahu or  Mercury is in the 8th house it can cause venereal diseases. Lastly the fifth house, which rules romance and love, decides how your sexual desires get expressed.  Rahu in seventh and Saturn in 8th with no aspect from Jupiter renders one impotent. The extent of planetary influence on sexual health is vast,

To conclude:

Mumbai Astro is the right place for astrological solution for health medical issues. Medical Astrology is a discipline with a vast scope for analysis and correct interpretation of planetary activities is required to predict the health picture perfectly. Health astrology acts as a supportive tool for diagnosing any degree of illness of whatever kind it may be in the birth chart. The uses of medical astrology are still to be explored and it could be used along with the existing medical treatment to know the medical problem in detail.

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