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The 5 Best Consulting Logo Ideas That Demonstrate Strong Brand Identity

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A company that offers a specialized professional service for a set charge is known as a consultancy firm.

Most of the time, the professional service is now given in the form of a plan or strategy created by the subject-matter specialists at the consulting business.

A financial consulting business, for instance, may frequently have a combination of associates and SMEs who will work to verify that the company’s financial strategy and procedures are by its goals.

But nowadays, many consulting firms also provide implementation services to round out their advisory offerings and offer a full-circle service configuration.

You might be wondering what kind of logos these companies use now that we better understand the purpose and idea behind consulting businesses. You might be curious about the distinctive design elements of these companies’ logos and how they mesh with the commercial ideals of various clients and their brands.

So, let’s look at some of the most well-known consultancy logos and try to figure out why they have been such tremendous hits to uncover the mysteries behind the success of these brand symbols.

01- Accenture:

The Anderson Group has an offshoot called Accenture.

If you look at their logo, it has a straightforward, san-serif font with all-lowercase characters printed in monochromatic black. The “>” symbol above the letter “t” in the design is the only other color besides black in the composition.

This sign, sometimes known as the Greater Than symbol in mathematics, can mean two different things. One explanation is that it represents an arrow pointing forward, signifying the company’s forward-thinking nature.

As a result, the business projects a proactive, strategic image that is ideal for a business consulting organization.

Second, it represents the Greater Than sign, which represents the corporate ethos of constantly seeking for bigger and greater things. for both themselves and their customers.

02- Boston Consulting Group:

One of the world’s biggest and most successful business consultant organizations is BCG, or Boston Consultant Group. recognized as a professional, thought leader, and authority in the subject of strategy creation in the consulting sector.

Like Accenture, BCG’s consulting logo is also quite straightforward. It might be argued that it functions more like a brand symbol than Accenture because of its condensed, reduced shape and somewhat stylized look.

A green and white logo with all the letters blended, and no spaces between the characters is the final design. The three letters are designed to seem like a one-piece in the final design, which has a continuous flow and feel.

03- McKinsey & Company:

You may have noticed a defining trend by now: all of these businesses are concentrating on utilizing their brand name, or a variation thereof, as their logo.

More than any other consulting firm on our list, McKinsey & Company’s logo is utterly straightforward. The design is simpler to look at and recognize than many of its rivals since it is written in a legible serif font.

Additionally, the fact that it is the most valued brand in the consulting sector speaks something about its visual appeal. The company’s expertise and refinement are portrayed through simplicity, austerity, and the complete absence of any ornamental branding features.

04- Deloitte Consulting:

Deloitte is up next. Anyone who works with an accounting team or is often involved in the field of accounts has likely heard of Deloitte. A well-known brand in the industry, its logo is also one of straightforward interest and simplicity.

The logo comprises a strong, sans-serif typeface with a blocky style and a straightforward black-and-white color palette. The little green dot at the emblem’s end is the only color besides black.

The green dot represents the company’s desire for growth and sustainability, ideal for a strategic consulting firm, much to how the green color theory is employed in other instances.

05- AlixPartners:

Another consulting company that has worked with household brands like GM, Enron, and others is AlixPartners. Because of its work with them, it has developed a reputation as a trustworthy and competent consulting company.

The logo is straightforward and professional, similar to many that came before it, with a tiny bit of creative flare to make it stand out. Although the logo is often black, some applications employ a soft green to get the required impression.

The logo and brand are kept basic to cut out the extraneous details and go directly to the point. This is a fantastic attitude for a consulting firm since it enables them to project an image of no-nonsense expertise.


There are countless options for logo design. The issue is that it gets more challenging to decide the more options you have.

Here is a technique designers use to generate brilliant ideas rapidly and choose the best one.

Stop hunting for inspiration first. Next, decide the main point you want to get across.

Are you quick and accurate? Do you provide a wide variety of services? Have you conducted the most thorough research or developed the most creative solutions? Do you provide prices that SMBs can afford, or do you exclusively work with big businesses?

You should start hunting for ideas or employ professional logo design services only once you have determined your main point.

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