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It’s time to move your company, change scenery, or perhaps move to a better, more spacious place, more suited to your needs, but the moment of moving is always a trauma, especially for structured and medium-sized companies and businesses. large dimensions, or for those who are equipped with expensive and technological machinery: how to transport everything from one place to another?

Everything you need for professional transport

Our team will take care of the office movers or company from the beginning to the final stages, planning and following each step of the change step by step. Here are some of the services offered by our company for those who wish to change location and  move their company or business elsewhere :

Reassembly of the furniture in the new location in a short time:

Our team knows how to handle even the most sophisticated furniture and the most fragile accessories, which is why you can rest assured, that everything you need to transport is in good hands, and the transport happens quickly.

  • careful packaging and transport even of fragile items: transporting material is a particular moment, and for this reason, we guarantee extreme safety in the transport of all types of goods, machinery, and filing cabinets. We only use quality materials and safe techniques for packaging and transporting goods.
  • conservation of archives and electronic equipment according to high safety standards: many companies own large archives, the transport of which may not be easy. With us, you can be sure that everything will arrive at its destination without problems, and with minimal stress on your part. Your material and archives are kept during transport in special lots equipped with a technological access system, which you can access at any time.
  • Planning, organization, and transport by land or sea: this is designed based on the journey and the goods to be transported, but no detail is left to chance and everything is regulated according to the particular needs of the customer. Our well-stocked and organized fleet of vehicles allows us to evaluate each variant, for perfect and problem-free transport even for long journeys and removals Highgate transfers.
  • Appropriate permits, documentation relating to the use of public land, insurance, and other documents and permits that may be necessary for the circumstance and that may serve for the success of the move because we always ensure that all the work is carried out in compliance with the rules and of the relevant rules.

The move will be planned together with the company management also coinciding with the period of least company activity, so as not to impact the company’s business, and will be coordinated by our highly specialized technicians, who will take care of everything. An inspection by our staff will be used to decide the action plan, and then we will establish the best solution based on needs, optimizing transfer times and reducing costs.

Moving for offices and companies: a real problem

For companies, whether small, medium or large, change is important, and sometimes the moment of moving arrives: once again all the furniture has to be moved to a new building, a thousand things have to be moved, electronic and computer equipment as well as to tables, chairs and desks, not to mention those companies that have heavy or sophisticated machinery, or for those who keep large archives and important documentation, the movement of which requires a certain dexterity and does not allow for errors.

In short, movers and packers company from one location to another, reconstituting offices elsewhere, may not be a simple undertaking, especially for large companies, for example in the secondary and tertiary sectors, or for those high-tech offices equipped with sophisticated, latest-generation equipment. To transport this material it is better to turn to experts who know how to handle everything and can guarantee precise work.

For office and industrial removals, contact us

Today you can turn to us with confidence for corporate and industrial relocations. We are a team of young experts, who have been carrying out our work every day with passion and dedication for over 25 years, and for some time we have assisted numerous companies and industries in large changes of headquarters: today our team specializes in every type of move, from small private individuals up to large structured companies. We are specialists in the sector of movers and packers,  by sea or land, and we offer the customer the guarantee of a job done to perfection.

Our high-tech machinery fleet includes vehicles suitable for every type of transport, including large containers for heavy transport, and we also use highly sophisticated equipment to guarantee risk-free and problem-free storage and travel.

Contact us for more details:

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