The Clear Signs

The Clear Signs is an Online Islamic Book to Read Online

The Clear Signs is the most commonly read version of the Islamic Bible because it is easy to read and understand because it is written in simple English. But, at the same time, the book is articulate and eloquent.

The Clear Quran was originally an Islamic book store

The 7th century is regarded as God’s ultimate testament by the Islamic people. The beautiful words of Allah mentioned in the Noble Quran are daily recited, memorised by heart, and implemented by followers of Islam all over the world. The faithful and inspired devotees of Islam are often moved by the vibrant poetic imagination included in the Holy Text when read aloud.

The Clear Quran is the only scientific holy scripture available in history

That conveys several important teachings to mankind about the simple way of living. The text is carefully translated from Arabic to English to make it available for readers of all nations.

The New Testament included in the book

Can be memorised by people of all ages and intellectual capabilities. Thus, it is a mandatory text in every Islamic household for everyday prayer and knowledge enrichment. The Noble Quran is the greatest and most holy Islamic religious text. It included the words of Allah as recited and propagated by Him verbatim.

The Clear Quran is the Arabic version of the Holy Text of Islam

It is hardbound and written on cream-coloured B5-size paper with a sturdy front cover with golden border protection and golden calligraphy. The Islamic, But, book is complete and unabridged.

The medium-sized paper used makes the book light-weight and easily portable

Thus, it is mandatory for you to get one if you want to carry it with you while travelling.
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Below are 5 reasons to follow the Noble Quran and Sunnah

It is the best worship act. It is regarded as the best way to offer prayers to the Almighty, Allah. The Prophet taught the people about this act, and he also abided by it.
It is the easiest way to worship.

There are no prerequisites before making

For instance, before offering salah, you need to have clean clothes and a prayer room ready and need to face the direction of qibla. For Dua, time and place have no relevance. You can make dua from anywhere and everywhere.

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