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The guide on boba drink ordering

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Recently, boba drinks, also referred to as bubble tea—have become more and more well-liked. Since they were developed in Taiwan in a 1980s, these creamy iced teas have become more well-liked worldwide. The term “boba” refers to the chewy tapioca pearls that are a component in boba cocktails. The tapioca starch used to manufacture the pearls is cooked until it becomes a sticky substance on the inside and a soft, chewy outside. Customers have a wide variety of options with several benefits such as boba drink price is very affordable because of the many different flavors and types of boba drinks. Here is a detailed instruction sheet for ordering boba drinks:

Choosing Your Base

Choosing your base is the initial step in ordering a boba drink. This will be the primary tea or milk that goes into your beverage. Some of a most popular boba bases are listed below:

  • Black Tea

The traditional foundation for boba beverages is black tea. It has a strong, powerful taste that complements milk tea’s sweetness well. Black tea has the ideal amount of caffeine in it.

  • Green Tea

Compared to black tea, green tea has the more delicate, lighter flavor. Additionally, it has antioxidant advantages. Those who like a milder tea flavor would benefit more from green tea boba.

  • Oolong Tea 

The taste profile of oolong tea falls between that of black as well as green tea. It tastes mellow and silky. Fans of boba who like a tea with more complexity than green but less vigor than black choose oolong milk tea.

  • Milk Tea

Milk tea adds a rich, creamy element to boba drinks. It is commonly mixed with black tea as the base. Milk tea boba has a stronger milk taste than the tea flavor.

  • Fruit Tea

Fruit teas like passionfruit, mango, and lychee are refreshing, light options for boba drink bases. They offer natural sweetness along with fruity flavor.

  • Coffee

Coffee makes an energizing alternative to the standard milk tea boba. Coffee boba gives you a caffeine boost while still enjoying the tapioca pearls.

Selecting Your Flavors

After choosing your base, the next step is to pick secondary flavors to add more complexity to your boba drink. Here are some top options:

  • Fruity Flavors

Strawberry, mango, lychee, honeydew, and watermelon, as well as peach, along with passionfruit, and the pineapple are a few of a most well-liked fruity flavors for boba. Fruits pair nicely with tea and milk bases.

  • Chocolate 

Chocolate boba gives you sweet, indulgent flavor. It goes especially well with milk tea or coffee bases. Dark chocolate, and white chocolate, along with hazelnut chocolate, as well as matcha chocolate are a few types of chocolate. 

  • Vanilla

Vanilla boba has a universally crowd-pleasing flavor. It adds aromatic, creamy-sweet notes to any milk tea or coffee boba drinks.  

  • Honey

Honey boba provides natural sweetness along with subtle floral undertones. Honey complements fruit flavors like peach, lychee, and mango nicely in milk tea.

  • Brown Sugar

Brown sugar syrup is a popular Taiwanese addition to boba drinks. It has a uniquely rich, caramelized sweetness that many boba fans crave. Brown sugar milk tea is a signature boba order. 

  • Mint

Refreshing mint boba is a great summer drink. It goes well with fruit flavors like watermelon and honeydew or as a mint chocolate boba. The cooling mint accent cuts through the richness nicely.

Customizing Sweetness

Boba drinks can range from full sugar to no sugar added. Here are some ways to customize the sweetness level:

  • Regular sweetness (full sugar)- Best suits those with a sweet tooth who want the full sugary flavor impact 
  • Half sweet – Reduces some of the sugariness while still retaining moderate sweet flavor
  • Quarter sweet – Minimal added sugar for those who want just a light touch of sweetness
  • Unsweetened – Allows you to enjoy the natural flavors of the tea and milk without added sugar
  • Extra sweet – Perfect for those with an extra strong sugar craving who want maximized sweetness

You can also ask for extra pumps of flavor syrups to increase sweetness and flavor. Specify how many extra pumps of your desired syrup you would like.

Topping It Off 

You can add various toppings and customizations to make your boba drink truly your own. Here are some popular options:

  • Tapioca pearls – The classic chewy boba pearls that started it all. You can request extra or fewer pearls. 
  • Pudding – Silky smooth pudding provides creamy richness and texture.
  • Jelly- Soft jellies in shapes like stars, hearts, or cubes add delightfully bouncy texture.
  • Red bean – These sweet red beans are another fun textural addition.
  • Coconut jelly – Coconut jelly cubes or strands have a tropical vibe.
  • Grass jelly – This black jelly made from a Southeast Asian herb has an earthy, softly crunchy texture.
  • Cream foam – Adds an airy, cloud-like topping when blended with milk.
  • Ice cream – For chilling out on hot days, add a scoop of ice cream to your boba.

Customize It Your Way

Amnog the best aspects of boba drinks is the ability to fully personalize your beverage. Boba shops encourage customers to make modifications and special requests to get the drink made just the way they want it. Don’t be shy about asking them to adjust aspects of the drink to better suit your preferences. For example, if you don’t like certain fruits or sweetness levels, request them to be excluded or minimized. Feel free to get creative and mix different combinations of flavors, toppings, and textures that appeal most to your tastes. The boba staff are skilled at crafting specialized drinks catered exactly to each customer’s customizations. So don’t just order a standard drink off the menu – make it your own unique boba creation using the tips provided in this guide and your personal flavor preferences. The sky’s the limit when you customize your boba your way!


Boba drinks offer endless customization options with various tea and milk bases, fruit and cream flavors, sweetness levels, and toppings. Follow this guide when ordering your next boba beverage to get it made just the way you like. Try different combinations until you find your perfect drink. Part of the fun is in the experimentation! Boba allows you to get creative and craft a specialized beverage to match your preferences. Sip and enjoy your customized boba while appreciating the chewing texture of the tapioca pearls. With the tips from this guide, you can order a boba drink tailored specifically to satisfy your tastes and cravings at cafe bubble.

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