The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Wedding Venue

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Are you excited to marry the love of your life?

A wedding is the wonderful confluence of love and the moments that make the person special. Everything from the arrangements to attire and the venue should be best. The venue should be interesting as it serves as the backdrop of wedding moments.

If you want to capture the laughs, candid, cake cutting, and wedding vows in the best possible way, choose the right venue. It must connect with your wedding expectations. It is important regardless of whether you have a beach-side destination wedding or keep it a low-budget affair.

Though there are unique styled venues for every theme wedding, choosing the one that aligns with budget and expectations is tricky.

So, how do you choose the best for yourself? Where to begin with?

If you share confusion and require guidance to find the best venue for your wedding, the blog may help. It lists the best ways you can do so.

Let’s first know the basics.

How much does a wedding venue cost in the UK?

According to, “the average cost of a wedding venue in the UK is £7944. It can rise to £8400.”

How to choose an ideal wedding venue?

You can break the monotony by skipping some aspects, like replacing the delighted cake cutting with a wedding ball or skipping on wedding attire to comfortable suits.

However, a wedding venue is something you can neither skip nor replace with anything else. You need a place for your friends and family to come together and celebrate.  That’s why it has to be a delightful and enchanting one.

Here is how to pick the right wedding venue:

1)     Decide on the wedding budget

Most couples find themselves in a long list of debts after the wedding. Why? It is because they do not budget for the wedding. Without a budget, the bride and groom spend beyond expectation. They purchase items that were never on their lists.

It exceeds the budget, leading to a debt trap later. Therefore, having a budget for life moments like- weddings is important. It helps you spend only what you can comfortably bear and safeguards the bottom line.

To calculate the budget, sit with your partner and analyse the maximum you can contribute. It would help you know each other’s finances and develop a better understanding. According to experts, nearly half of your wedding budget goes towards the venue and the catering.

Eventually, it will help you find venues within the range.

2)     Make a list of expected guests

Guests make up a huge part of the wedding venue. After all, without guests, a wedding venue makes little sense.

Develop a preliminary guest list. Include guests who you think share around 90% probability of attending the wedding. It will help you choose the right wedding venue accordingly.

Otherwise, it could lead to an utter mess at the wedding. For example, if you arrange a wedding venue with a 200 guests capacity. However, if surprise guests and children exceed 250, the management will suffer. Thus, it will help you keep your budget flexible and ensure comfort.

3)     Talk to a wedding planner

Once you know the expected budget and guests, consult a wedding planner. Planners share the knowledge and familiarity with the space you want to host the wedding in. This is the reason it is best to hire local wedding planners.

They analyze the situation from every nook and suggest the best wedding venues within your budget. Moreover, wedding planners may help you rationalize your wedding venue vision by transforming it into something desirable for you.

For example, if you want a modern wedding outlook, look for art galleries within the venue, the furniture look, well-designed seating spaces, and the catering space. It would help you analyze the best venue and decide right.

After analyzing and exploring the wedding venue, finalize it by paying a booking amount. To lower the amount, consider weekdays rather than weekends for affordable fetch if you have been engaged in meeting wedding arrangements and exhausted your credit cards. Your credit score may suffer. It may fall because of exceeding the limit or overutilization. It limits your efforts to get cash.

What if I lack money to pay upfront? How to book the venue instantly?

If you lack cash up front, check wedding loans for bad credit scores. These are exceptionally for you. You get approval and can fetch better rates than the previous one. You can pay the booking amount at the same time. In this way, you can avoid the fear of losing your dream venue to someone else on the exact wedding date.

4)     Choose the perfect wedding venue location

While you may dream of hosting a beachside wedding or an island one, keep your budget handy while deciding the same. It would help you choose the best venue. While choosing a wedding venue location, be mindful of the following aspects:

  • Is the venue too remote to spot by attendees?
  • Do you plan to host different ceremonies at different places or in the same venue? In the former case, you must prepare the commuting costs.
  • Your dream of an ideal wedding location. Can you host a budget-friendly one at the very location?
  • Is it commutable by train, car, or other transport routes?

Such considerations are important when deciding on a wedding venue location. Thus, analyze the best possibilities and choose the best for your needs. If you struggle to arrange commuting vehicles, a reliable loan company can help. It may help you by calculating the approx. Costs it will take. Thus, provide the best financial support to match your requirementsand finances.

Apart from that, you can consider these aspects to plan the best wedding out there. Financial aspects are critical in every initiative you take regarding that. Thus, ensure sufficient savings before bookings and ensuring other arrangements. It would help you avoid panicking at the last moment. Even if you do, wedding loans cover it for you. Just relax and raise a toast to a dream wedding!

Bottom line

Be it finalizing the location, decoration, and commuting facilities, a venue must be great. It must reflect the deep connection you two share. To choose the best one, contact wedding experts. Analyze their vision and tell them your requirements. It would help you keep up with the financial terms and decide accordingly.

Precisely, keep an open mind and ask the right questions. Apart from the decoration, pay close attention to the menu. It must include some standard dishes and popular ones to attract diners. Include food for everybody, like- dietary and kids’ food, to ensure satisfaction in the venue.

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