The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas for Property Management

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Traveling from your location to

Share travel tips and tricks. It includes parking, driving and other suggestions that will help your guests not only get to your property, but also get around without any issues.

House pricing.

When discussing properties, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a topic of great importance. Talk about the current market trend and what you think it will look like in the future. Compare the market in general to the properties that you manage.

How much does a property manager charge?

Talk about the charges and the impact of the type of property and service. Highlight the benefits the services provide to the property owner.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a property management firm?

Share with your readers what they should look for when selecting a property management system. Discuss the qualities that these companies should possess to be deemed high-quality, and describe what your company does to fulfill this role.

Why it is important to hire a property manager

Explain to a potential client why they should hire a property management company. Discuss the services your company can provide, such as taking care of the property and leasing.

Can the property owner sign on behalf of a tenant?

You can explain that you are a property manager and have the right to negotiate rental fees, sign leases for owners, or even do repairs.

As a property manager, what do you look for when selecting a tenant?

You should explain to prospective clients what you are looking for in a tenant to make sure you only sign leases with tenants who are responsible.

The values that guide our property management firm.

As a property manager, you should speak about your core values. You can mention things like respecting tenants, being responsible to clients, or other values.

How fluid are the communications between landlord and tenant?

Write about how your company communicates with tenants to ensure that owner wishes are properly translated. You should explain how you mediated the communication between two parties. How do you encourage tenants to pay their rent? Describe any tools that you use to make it easier for tenants to pay rent. This could be a 24/7 online portal. It could also be an automatic payment that tenants have agreed to.

In the event of non-payment, can a property management firm represent the owner at court?

In most cases, the property manager will represent the owner of the property in court if a tenant fails to pay rent. Add how time-consuming it can be to go to court and how this aspect of the service provided by your company can save clients valuable time.

Property Management Software

Review the software that your company uses to streamline the tasks you perform. This article should also explain how software can provide an extra level of safety when it comes to managing certain tasks.

Property liability issues.

Write about potential liability issues to avoid tenants from suing the owner. This post will also provide a brief overview of the most common lawsuits brought by tenants.

Use of law enforcement on tenants.

Discuss the worst case scenario in which you had to call the police to deal with a tenant. This post doesn’t have to be serious. It can serve as a warning.

HOAs on properties

Explain to your tenants the negative and positive effects of HOAs on the properties that you manage. Discuss how tenants feel and any extra maintenance they have caused.

What is the responsibility of the property owner in landscaping

Explain exactly what the property owner is responsible for. This section should cover landscaping and what will happen if the tenant decides to do their own landscaping.

Local schools

What kind of schools are there in the area What is their reputation? Discuss the pros and con of nearby schools.

What are some ways to fix your home on a budget

Provide helpful tips to help property owners make the best use of their money when trying to increase the value of their home. Renters can use this advice to improve their home.

Tenant retention.

Talk about the tenant retention rate and explain why it is low or high. Ask tenants why they are leaving after their lease ends.

Tracking rental expenses.

Write down the rental costs that an owner of a property will most likely incur and the way your company will monitor the expenses in order to make sure they stay within the expected range.

Welcome baskets

It is impossible to make a tenant feel more at home than to welcome them with a goody bag that contains useful items and/or tasty treats. Do you give a welcome gift to the tenants you invite into your property? What do you add to your welcome gifts?

How do you find the perfect tenant?

What can be done to bring the perfect tenant into a property? Who is the ideal tenant?

Liability for damages to your home.

Where does the responsibility of the owner of the property end and the liability of the tenants begin in cases of property damage? Include when a renter can be evicted if they cause too much property damage.

Allowing pet animals

Should a property permit pets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing tenants to bring their pets into a property? Explain to tenants the larger market available for them and the risk of property damage from pets that are not trained.

Lease loopholes.

Explain the common loopholes tenants use to get out of their leases before they expire. Also, how to avoid these loopholes with better contracts.

Hidden Costs of Property.

Post about costs that owners of property may not know and for which they should be prepared. They can be anything from landscaping to obscure maintenance.

What are the rules you should have for your tenants?

Explain how to enforce the best rules on tenants, without going overboard and losing important residents. This is more of an informative guide on the dos and donts for restricting tenants.

How do I enforce a lease against a non-lease tenant?

What are the options available to a landlord when dealing with an occupant who is not a tenant? Include what you can and cannot do in such situations, as well as how to make it a hassle-free process.

Guns on the property.

Distinguish whether the owner has the final say on the issue of guns in the home and if they can be prohibited through a rental agreement.

Renting out to felons.

What happens if a felon is allowed to lease the property? The owner of the property should be informed about the risks and options available to him.

Changes in legislation for landlords

You can use a blog to inform your readers about the changes in legislation that can limit a landlord’s power over their property.

Waste Management Issues

Create a guide for a property that has waste management problems. This will explain the steps to be taken to solve the problem. Explain the possible causes of the problem, such as poor guidance for tenants on trash disposal. Commonly neglected areas when cleaning between tenants. After a tenant leaves, go over the common areas that are often forgotten when cleaning. How frequently can property be inspected Explain the rules that determine how often a property can be checked before it crosses the line into harassment. Explain that, even if the legal limits are met, it is important to follow social etiquette when deciding on how often a property should be inspected.

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