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Tips For A Smooth Transition To Assisted Living- By Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living

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Has one of the elderly members in your family decided to shift to assisted living? It can be a tough decision on their part, or you might be the one who has decided to go ahead with the move. However, you must not let feelings of guilt take the better of you. Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living allows for a smooth transition to assisted living. Hence, to help you out, members of the reputed assisted living facility have penned down some tips that will enable you to receive guidance and plan a seamless and quick transition.

Guide to a smooth transition to an assisted living facility for seniors- Tips by Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living

1. Have a look around

Once you and your family member or the senior concerned have decided to move forward with the choice of an assisted living facility, you must start looking around. There might be some assisted living facilities near you. Take a look at the amenities they provide and decide whether the assisted living facility is suitable for the elderly person in your family to move in.

Taking adequate time will allow you to research and weigh the options, says a member of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living. You can also have a look at our services and amazing facilities to make a secure decision.

2. Try to visit as much as you can

After you and the elderly person in your family have chosen a particular assisted living facility, you must begin the shifting process. Initially, they might end up feeling lonely. However, you can visit weekly to ensure that they do not feel that way. But, after a month or two, you must limit those visits and instead interact with them over calls as much it’s possible. This will give them the time and space to adapt to their new home, make new friends, and explore the place, advises a guide from Arcadia Assisted Living Facility.

3. Stay in touch with the staff

All the members of Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living advise the family of the seniors to keep in touch with them. This will help you interact with them and share some ideas about activities that your elderly family member is into.

Moreover, it will also allow you to keep a check on your senior family member and have a piece of mind that they are receiving proper care and their transition is smooth.

Final Words

We have discussed above the top three ways to help your elderly family member get a smooth transition to assisted living. Facilities like Arcadia Gardens Assisted Living offer great amenities and exceptional service for elderly family members. So, if you cannot decide which assisted living facility your elderly family should move into, we advise you to visit the Arcadia Assisted living facility.

Make sure that you stay in touch with your senior family member after they have shifted. However, spending too much time with them will come in the way of their transition. So, keep in touch over phone calls after the initial few months and visit them once every month. Also, talk with the staff or workers of the assisted living facility to determine how your senior is faring in their new home and offer your input to enable them to provide them with personalized care.

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