Top 10 American African Success Stories: The Grind Mindset

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From athletes to singers and politicians. There are many black men and women who have made a lasting footprint in the world. Today we’ll learn about the success stories of some of the most famous American Africans. And how their never-ending grind took them to achieve great things. So let’s find out what it takes to climb the ladder of fame and learn more about black history facts.

1.      Kobe Bryant: NBA star and humanitarian

His journey began at the age of 17 when he was drafted from the Lower Merion High School. He went on to win five titles as a player in Los Angeles Lakers. He was a part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympic Games. So both these teams won gold medals in those years. His famous poem written in 2015, “Dear Basketball”, became the inspiration for a great movie. This movie won the Academy Award. Which was for best animated short film.

His work extends out of the sports world. He and his wife were vocal workers for the homeless. Moreover, they even have a family foundation to help the homeless in Los Angeles. But he died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

2.      Jay Z: Rapper and Entrepreneur

His journey began in the roughest area of New York. This was the Marcy Projects. But his clear aim took him to success. He used the negativity in his surroundings to shape him into the person he is. Today, he stands at a net worth of $2.5 billion. And still continues to inspire youngsters who wish to achieve something. His songs make up the Hip-Hop culture and inspire the generations to come.

3.      Pinky Cole: Entrepreneur and Restaurateur

She is the CEO and founder of the now-popular Slutty Vegan franchise. Her aim is to provide vegan junk food. So she works to provide a healthier lifestyle to the Black community. This is what got her fame in the vegan world. Thus, making her stand out in an area where you normally won’t find a black woman. She has opened six more locations after the 2018 Atlanta location. But this isn’t where her plans stop. She plans to open more than ten locations by the end of 2023. She is also a charitable person funding the education of children of color. Her story is an inspiration for many young black women.

4.      Beyoncé: American Singer and Songwriter

Her journey took off from the local talent shows. She has always been a natural when it comes to singing and dancing. After that, she was to start one of the greatest all-female groups ever. This was the Destiny’s Child. The team included her cousin and two of her classmates. After the huge success of this band, she decided to go solo. And performs in solo shows to date. Thus, making her a female empowerment figure around the world. Moreover, she stands at a net worth of $540mil today.

5.      Thomas W. Jones | Author, Executive

Thomas Jones is a great American-African author and business tycoon. His journey began with the armed revolt at Cornell University. There he fought for the rights of black students. He has been an advocate for the voice of the black population since a very young age. So his peaceful protests and vision made him become a business tycoon on Wall Street. You can read his story in the famous memoir, “From Willard Straight to Wall Street Author”. So, his continuous grind and hard work inspire many young minds today. His life is a sample for those who wish to achieve great things. Thus, making his success story one of the most inspirational stories globally. He stands at a net worth of $3.83 million today.

6.      Snoop Dogg: Rapper and Actor

This famous rapper comes from a very poor background. He was in a gang selling drugs before Dr Dre spotted him. So he left his negative life behind to become a music legend. His hard work paid off as he became one of the most successful rappers in America. Moreover, he works to improve the lives of the black community in the US. Today, he stands at a net worth of $160mil.

7.      Medgar Evers: Civil Rights Activist

Evers is a World War II solider and the state’s field secretary for the NAACP. He is an American civil rights activist. His work for the University of Mississippi ended public school segregation. He was later assassinated by a white supremacist in 1963.

8.      Kamala Harris: First Woman Vice President

She comes from a multicultural background. Her mother had an Indian background. While her father was from Jamaica. Harris was born in California, where her journey began. She graduated from one of the oldest historically black college or university (HBCU). This was the Howard University. And later became the first woman Vice President of the United States.

9.      Oprah Winfrey: Host and Producer

She has the ultimate success story. Coming from a poor background and wearing potato sacks overalls all her childhood. Oprah’s vision and will took her to become the billionaire she is today. So she inspires many youngsters today to achieve their dreams.

10. Kanye West: Rapper and Songwriter

His success story began when he dropped out of college. Later on, realizing his dream of a music career. So Kanye worked hard to achieve his goal. Thus, becoming one of the industry’s most successful rappers and music producers.

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