Top 10 Diplomatic Grand Strategy Games

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There is a lot to enjoy in these games for people who like the political side of grand strategy.

One of the most famous and popular types of PC games is grand strategy, and it’s quickly becoming popular on consoles as well. There are a lot of subgenres and independent books out there, so there is sure to be something for everyone. The books cover everything from historically accurate fantasy worlds to the future of space. In games with a lot of complicated rules, players take on leadership roles and often fight against other countries to control land.

Grand strategy games are different from most turn-based strategy games because they usually have more than just war. For example, trade, negotiations, and world events happening over time are all common in grand strategy games. Diplomacy is a big part of developing an engaging strategy experience. In some games, it’s built in so deeply that you can finish them without ever starting a war.

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