Top 10 State Lotteries in India with the Biggest Jackpot Prizes

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With its vast and diverse populace, India has long embraced the thrill of lotteries. From the serene backwaters of Kerala to the bustling streets of Maharashtra, the anticipation of jackpot results unites countless hopefuls. 

These state-operated games are about more than just the lure of windfall gains. They symbolize dreams, aspirations, and the sheer unpredictability of fate. As millions pin their hopes on a ticket, each state boasts its unique lottery system, offering varied jackpot prizes. 

Delve with us as we explore India’s top 10 state lotteries, each promising an opportunity to change one’s life forever.

Lottery Bonanzas: Exploring the Top 10 Jackpot Prizes in India

State Introduction Frequency Prize Pool Ticket Price Highlight
Kerala State Lottery Kerala, often termed the ‘God’s Own Country’, offers one of the oldest lottery systems in India. Daily draws with bigger jackpot results on special occasions. Weekly jackpots can go up to ₹ one crore, with special draws reaching ₹ 10 crore. Generally varies from ₹30 to ₹50. The “Onam Bumper” is the most awaited yearly lottery.
Punjab State Lottery The Punjab State Lottery is well known for its transparency. Bumper lotteries are more prevalent, occurring twice a year. Bumper lotteries offer prizes up to ₹ two crore. Tickets for bumper draws cost ₹200. The “Punjab State Diwali Bumper” is the most popular.
Sikkim State Lottery The Sikkim State Lottery offers some of the most diverse lottery options. Daily and special draws. Jackpots vary but can go up to ₹25 crores for the “Dear Monthly Draw”. Starts from ₹6. The “Dear Super” monthly draw has a vast fan following.
Goa State Rajshree Lottery Operated by the Goa government, this lottery is known for its frequent draws. Several times daily. Daily jackpots range from ₹20,000 to ₹ two lakhs. Ranges between ₹10 to ₹100. Multiple opportunities every day to win prizes.
Mizoram State Lottery Mizoram State Lottery is popular in the northeastern region. Daily draws. Prizes can range from ₹1,000 to ₹1 lakh. Mostly around ₹6. Consistent daily draws offer regular chances to win.
Maharashtra State Lottery Maharashtra offers a wide range of lottery games for enthusiasts. Daily draws with special occasion jackpots. Regular jackpots are around ₹7 lakhs with occasional bumper prizes. Varies between ₹30 to ₹50. The “Ganpati Bumper Draw” is highly anticipated every year.
West Bengal State Lottery This lottery system is popular in the eastern part of India. Daily draws. Prizes can reach up to ₹50 lakhs for special draws. Typically priced at ₹6. “Banga Bhumi Super” is a favourite among many.
Nagaland State Lottery Among the popular northeastern lotteries, Nagaland’s system stands out. Daily draws. Jackpot results can lead to winners getting up to ₹25 lakhs. Around ₹6 for a regular ticket. The “Dear Falcon Evening Lottery” is a major draw.
Assam State Lottery Assam’s lottery system offers a mix of daily and bumper draws. Daily with special occasion jackpots. Regular jackpots go up to ₹ five lakhs. Starts from ₹6. The “Bihu Bumper Lottery” during festivals attracts many.
Tamil Nadu State Lottery Though less frequent, Tamil Nadu’s occasional lottery draws attract considerable local attention. Occasional bumper lotteries. The Jackpot Results in bumper draws can lead to prizes up to ₹ two crores. Varies, often priced at ₹200 for bumper draws. The “Pongal Bumper” is the most prominent draw in the state.


Lotteries in India are about luck, hope, and dreams. The excitement of waiting for jackpot results is unparalleled. With states offering attractive jackpots, it is no wonder that millions try their luck every day. Always remember to play responsibly and enjoy the thrill that comes with the anticipation of potential winnings. Whether you are new to the world of lotteries or a seasoned player, there is always a new opportunity waiting in the world of Indian state lotteries.

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