Top 6 Tips to Know While Hiring a Web Developer

Top 6 Tips to Know While Hiring a Web Developer

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We live increasingly through our cyberspace and social media accounts. The Internet in its current avatar is called Web 2.0 and it is already able to hold our attention. In a few years, there is a possibility that Web 3.0 will take over the world and we will all be engaged through virtual space. The Internet has become a digital mirror image of the real world. 

Now, to start a business or grow your existing one it is important to have a conspicuous presence on the internet. By internet presence, we do not mean merely a website and social media presence. The scope of services you can provide has expanded in the last decade, after the advent of smartphones. Your customers or clients have developed an inordinate dependence on these devices. It makes sense that you capture a little bit of real estate in this space. You can hire developers from India and easily capture a bit of digital real estate. You need not be an expert in computer programming yourself to achieve this anymore.  

Small and medium businesses across the world are outsourcing to develop apps that give add-on services to their clients. It is a great way to ensure exclusive services and it helps businesses stay competitive against big corporations.

The recent data released on outsourcing is indicative of this trend. NASSCOM survey1 for this fiscal year indicates that IT outsourcing sector revenue generation is already $227 billion. This demand is driven by the development of new apps. 

A big indicator of this trend is also the data from India. For IT services, businesses across the world outsource to India. India’s IT exports have risen to $156.7 billion1 during FY 2021-22. 

The data shows the post-pandemic rush to develop and maintain software services. It is so easy to hire developers from India and get the IT support you need.  

Do you also want to develop digital services to increase your business’s competitiveness?
Then you’re at the right place. Here we will ensure that you have all the research notes you need to begin your outsourcing venture. We have created a consolidated list of 10 tips that you should keep in mind while you hire developers from India. 

Case studies-oriented research

It is rare for a business idea to be unique these days as people across the world are innovating. Conduct systematic research about outsourcing in your segment before hiring developers in India.
Instructing your offshore team becomes more straightforward if you have a case study very similar to yours for them to refer to. A handy reference makes it easier to communicate your expectations. You can also now brainstorm with your new team to create an upgraded version of the existing solution.

Create an Outsourcing Partner

Finding talented individuals offshore can be a hassle. Good outsourcing firms are much easier to find. Compared to posting on job portals it is a lot more practical to approach outsourcing companies.
These companies keep a good mix of resources and talent ready with them. They also have decades of combined experience in outsourcing. So the key outsourcing models you want to choose from are in place. Hence, setting up processes is easy.
Outsourcing companies also offer flexibility while engaging the services of your offshore employees. This flexibility allows you to manage the size of the team working on your project. So you can hire programmers from India without any worries.
Your obligations to your offshore team will depend on the agreement you make with your outsourcing company. To make outsourcing as profitable as possible for you, it is important to understand its flexible nature.  


Every outsourcing company has a range of skillful resources to offer. The services of these resources can be hired with contracts that match your nature of work. Suppose your work develops software you need to manage your core team better.  You can hire developers in India on a project basis.
Once the software is deployed your team will cease to report to you. This means downsizing can be easy with outsourcing. You can similarly hire full-time employees to manage your online services over the cloud. This is called out-staffing. Such resources act as an extension of your core team. It is your outsourcing company’s job to maintain your off-shore employees. This includes handling replacement and other logistical management of the team. There is also the option for hiring resources part-time for small tasks that do require a complete day’s work.
Flexibility in hiring models makes outsourcing affordable for big and small companies alike. MSMEs now have a cost-effective way to source talented individuals that can meet their requirements.

Data Security and Product Security

One of the primary concerns with outsourcing has been the security of innovative technologies and personal data.
The law and regulations in India protect the proprietary rights of creators and ideators.
Therefore, any non-disclosure clause you sign with your outsourcing partner can be enforced in a court of law.
Similarly, personnel data is protected by outsourcing companies in India. A strict code of conduct is implemented on the resources that are exposed to such critical information. This includes control of official systems that are given to your employees.
Since Indian companies are so experienced in working with global partners many systems of protection are already in place in-house. You just have to ensure that they’re up to your standards.  

Access To Technology

Software companies often hire Indian programmers so that they can gain expertise in platforms they currently lack. The ever-evolving nature of technology ensures that knowledge becomes obsolete very fast.
You can easily keep up with the changing demands of the market if you hire fresh talent from the country that has the highest number of IT engineers.
Keep your ideas ready to be executed and set the trend on the latest digital platforms with the help of your offshore team in India.

Clear Communication

Hiring developers from India will allow you to create a clearer line of communication. English is the primary language of education in the country and the systems in place meet the global standards.
You can connect and speak with your offshore team face-to-face daily to communicate your priorities. Communicating feedback is also effective in this way. You can oversee your project development from the other side of the globe with no problems.
There is also tracking software now available that will help you guide your virtual employees.

Your Outsourcing Checklist

We can simplify the process further for you. Here is a simple checklist to keep in mind while hiring your offshore team.     

  • Do thorough research and find out if similar projects have been concluded elsewhere
  • Instead of individuals look for an outsourcing company as your partner in development
  • Select a good mix of fresh and experienced developers for your project 
  • Select your model of engagement after reviewing multiple options offered by your prospective outsourcing partner 
  • Keep a flexible plan of action to make the most of your budget
  • Make sure your offshore team is proficient in English
  • Set a clear system of checks and balances from the very beginning 
  • Always keep an eye on your objectives while assessing your team’s reports 

You can follow this simple checklist and get the highest value for money. Reach out across the world and hire the people you need for your brand to grow. Follow the well-trodden path of outsourcing and take one more step toward your overall success. 

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