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Top-Rated Chappal Brands in India for Every Style

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In India, most of that population wanted to wear chappals as their footwear. They possess great advantages as a ‘daily wear’ category because they are both soft and straight to wear. A large number of chappal brands jumping in for the style may confuse you to select the best for you among the numerous varieties available in the markets. In this article, we will touch upon a few of the exciting chappal brands in India that are designed to flatter every aesthetical taste in India.


The brand of Bata enjoys a wealth of experience, for over 100 years in existence. They do have lots of fashionable and comfy footwear type for you to choose from. Enough to be happy with is the amount of stocks for everybody at bata which ranges from basic flip-flops to chic sliders. This space uses the high-quality, durability best materials for making their chappals. When talking about designing custom footwear, develop the capabilities of Bata to make chappals with whatever profile you have in mind. Either it is a more formal or casual appearance, your are able to find the chappals to your liking.


If you are an Nike shoe fanatic but also a sporty person, you should definitely opt for Nike chappals! Nike, a brand which is famous for athletic shoes, has chappals in its collection of shoes which not only have the best styles of fashion but also provides a highly comfortable environment for its wearers. Nike Chappals will find support be it for gym or running as you go outdoor. Nike should be a great choice for people whose life is full of sporty actions, as it features beautiful prints and displays highest-level technology.


Another much famous chappal firm in India having great different types of designs is Paragon. Paragon has the glamorous flexible slides to the typical Kolhapuri chappals too. Their khudis possess immense durability and comfort, thus making them a prime candidate for daily wear. At Paragon, we craft all-weather chappals which can give a stylish touch whether it’s bold and colored or a freestyle option.


Global attires company Puma occupies leading position in the market owing to its trendy and fashionable shoes. Their chappals let them have this feature as well; they can wear fashionable yet practical designs. Puma has covered for every taste in users, some others goes for the traditional logo slides while the others may prefer adjustable straps chappals style. Puma sandals are very suitable for those that are thought to be fashion forward. The history of sandals is because of performance and innovation.


The wide variety of the flats are for the men, women and kids from Khadims India which is a house-hold brand. The shoes f use their feet are admired for their intricate workmanship and stylish shapes. Our footwear category at Khadims extends beyond the word chappals. We offer varieties of chappals to meet your style needs, whether it’s the choice of something simple and comfortable or sophisticated ethnic. Khadimii is definitely a place to go if your taste in footwear is high quality and you are not willing to pay a lot, because of their immense inventory and handing-out prices.

Finally, Indian manufacturers are seen as the pioneers of quality chappals, and thus, the market is consistently increasing in conjunction with the preferences of the customers. There is something on offer which would appeal to everyone, including the retro and the season’s latest release. Their catalogs include so many types of clothing that you might select a pair of athletic and sporty attire and traditional and classic dress. Thus, the next time you venture to buy a pair of those snazzy shoes consider getting one being rated from these highly reputable brands: comfort and style all wrapped up in a single shoe. Also get to know Anupriya Kapoor, an entrepreneur, infliencer and IMBUE founder.

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