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Transform Your Home with a More Natural: Plant Based Household Cleaners

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Ever wonder what’s inside those brightly coloured cleaning bottles? Yes, we have. Conventional cleaning products are typically loaded with harsh chemicals that can hurt your skin, cause allergies, and even contaminate your air. It’s not a recipe for a happy (or healthy) society.

Fear not, fellow neat freaks! Organic, non-toxic cleaners are a potent alternative to completely improve your cleaning practice. Here’s why you should consider switching:

Your home should be healthy. 

Non-toxic cleaners will not affect your health; they will improve it! They are made with plant-based household cleaner substances that are softer on your skin and lungs. Make your home a safer place for everyone, including nosy children and pets. 

Eco-Friendly Powerhouse: Many regular cleaning products contain compounds harmful to our waterways and environment. Plant-based cleaners are often biodegradable and less hazardous, benefiting your house and the environment. 

Surprisingly Effective: Don’t believe the misconception that natural cleaners are weak. Many plant-based cleaning solutions have been created to handle severe messes as effectively as their conventional counterparts. 

Unexpected mutation that affects the environment: Conventional cleaning products 

Conventional cleaning products can affect both indoor and outdoor environments. The volatile organic compounds add to smog, and when washed away, they can accumulate chemicals in natural water bodies like rivers, lakes, and seas. This not only affects the marine environment but is harmful to marine life as well. These compounds tend to mix with the molecules in water, which can result in unexpected mutations and disfiguring of marine organisms.

Most of the containers holding these cleaners are also not made from recyclable materials, which means that when they are disposed of, they end up in landfills. According to the resources, landfills are not managed properly, and most of the waste present is non-biodegradable. With no segregation facilities available, they often cause severe health issues for animals and humans.

Are you ready to ditch the chemicals? Here’s how:

Yeah, pretty bad, right? Ready to begin making the switch?

Here’s a simple strategy for switching to a more natural home without a huge investment of time or money:

Choose one area. For example, cleaning products are a good place to begin. Or maybe skin products like lotions and soaps.

Replace something only when you’ve used up your current product. No need to waste your already-purchased luxury skin cream and you certainly don’t need to ditch your furniture for organic pieces until they’re worn out.

Look for DIY alternatives, visit your local natural foods store, or search for natural, organic products online. Check out my resource source page for online stores I like. 

Earlier, due to the low availability of eco-friendly home cleaning products, the prices were expected to be quite high. Still, as more consumers are consciously choosing to switch to green home cleaners, the prices have almost come to par with the traditional cleaning products.

Eco-conscious scientists with natural home cleaners 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of natural home cleaners:

They are usually cruelty-free

Most natural cleaners strive to use toxin-free ingredients chosen for their plant-sourced goodness and formulated with eco-conscious science. They also strictly avoid testing on animals and are vegan. They are mostly lab-tested and eco-certified, which means that there are little to no chances of toxins being present in these cleaners.

There is zero irritation on sensitive skin

Traditional home cleaners are made of harsh ingredients that have often been reported to cause rashes, burns, and dry, itchy patches on the skin. They can also be harmful for the respiratory system as they directly affect indoor air quality. On the other hand, plant-based household cleaners are naturally derived, which makes them safe and non-toxic. This means that they do not affect the skin as harshly as other home cleaners.

Bonus Tip for Natural Cleaning Champions:

Vinegar Power: White vinegar is a highly effective natural cleaning agent. It disinfects surfaces, reduces grease, and reduces soap scum. Most cleaning procedures need diluting it with vinegar.

Lemon is a natural limescale remover used around faucets. Rub the juice of a lemon around the handle where scaling has accumulated, then rinse with warm water.

Pouring sea salt down your kitchen sink drain will help prevent grease buildup and eliminate offensive smells. It will also work in the dishwasher. Just be sure to clean the strainer in the dishwasher or the respite won’t last.

Essential Oil Oasis: While essential oils are not required for cleaning, they can provide a lovely aroma to your homemade cleaning solutions. Choose tea tree oil for its antimicrobial characteristics, or lavender oil for its soothing aroma.

Before using it liberally, remember to test any natural cleaning solution on a tiny, inconspicuous area.

Switching to plant-based household cleaners is an easy way to make your home, family, and surroundings safer and healthier. Choose Hyve Cleaning products and shun the harsh chemicals for a sparkly, clean, healthy house!

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