Understanding the Female Hair Growth Stages

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Are you fighting female pattern hair loss? This is a distressing situation that can affect many females and can have three distinct stages. Each stage has unique characteristics and can impact your hairline.

Understanding the Female Hair Growth Stages 

Grading the Female Hair Growth Stages is crucial to determine the extent of the issue that affects millions of women across the world. Although hormonal and genetic causes are leading reasons for hair loss, these are not the sole ones.

Such a hair loss is classified into three stages – 

  •  Grade 1

In this level of hair loss, you notice slight hair thinning. This is common around the front and sides of the scalp.

The most prominent sign is when you notice a rise in broken hairs in your brush. The same can also be present when you wash your hair. If left untreated, it can result in grade 2 hair loss.

  •  Grade 2 

For this type of hair loss, the hair thinning becomes much more prominent. This issue becomes widely spread across the front and sides of the scalp. You may also notice bald patches. The hair parting becomes more comprehensive due to lower hair volume.

Further, you may begin to notice vellus hairs rising in number. These hairs are finer than regular ones.

  • Grade 3

At this stage, you notice extensive thinning throughout the head. Treatment options like topical medication of minoxidil, etc., are recommended. Platelet-rich plasma can also help to restore lost follicles. However, a permanent solution like FUE is recommended for the best results.

Further, to combat such issues, a combination of lifestyle changes like introducing supplements of biotin and iron is recommended. Reducing stress levels, exercising and avoiding tight hairstyles must be chosen.

When To Choose Hair Transplant? 

Women with the abovementioned issues can benefit highly from choosing a hair transplant. For instance- those with androgenetic alopecia can notice thinning of hairs on the scalp. If seeking to regain natural growth, it is best to choose a hair transplant. This also eliminates the need for specific interventions or temporary results.

Hair transplants are so popular as these help to relocate healthy hairs to an area with missing hair. This process is done under anaesthesia, which makes it relatively painless. It can quickly be done within a few hours, depending on the extent of hair loss and the surgeon’s expertise.

Women suffering from male pattern hair loss should opt for hair transplant procedures. However, the success rates are variable due to age, genetics, lifestyle changes, etc. If you, too, suffer from the problem, then you can benefit from treatment sessions.


Hair transplants can be an ideal solution for women with female pattern baldness. This allows them to restore their natural hair growth and beauty. All this is possible at an affordable price and minimal downtime.

Hence, if you notice changes in your hairline, you must choose the most reliable service providers. By making slight changes and investments in your routine, such issues can be easily managed.


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