Unlocking Positive Vibes: The Importance of Vastu Shastra in Real Estate

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Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or moving into an existing property, integrating Vastu Shastra principles can have profound impacts on harmony and well-being. As an ancient Indian science focused on bringing structure and positive energy into living spaces, Vastu for Home has seen a major revival in recent years. Understanding the basics of Vastu for Home can help unlock health, happiness and good fortune for your whole household. 

This guide by Indian Estate Group (IEG), India’s leading real estate consultants in india will overview the significance of Vastu for Home in Real Estate today and provide actionable tips for harnessing good Vastu Shastra at home.

The Value of Vastu Shastra in Real Estate

When incorporated properly, Vastu Shastra adds tremendous value for home builders and buyers alike. Properties built using Vastu Shasta command higher rents and sale prices. In some cases, Vastu-integrated homes sell for 20-30% more. This makes sense when you consider the benefits:

  • Improved financial fortune and prosperity
  • Better health for occupants
  • Harmony between residents
  • Higher future property valuations
  • Positive energy and vibes in the space

On the demand side, 93% of home buyers prefer homes compliant with Vastu for Home principles or feng shui. Over 50% are even willing to pay a premium for these energetically uplifting design elements. This market preference makes Vastu for Home an especially sound investment for builders. Properties integrated with Vastu for Home principles simply offer more abundant energy and better fortune for their occupants.

Top 10 Vastu for Home Tips by Indian Estate Group (IEG)

  1. Choose an Auspicious Direction: Face the home’s entrance in an auspicious direction like north or east. According to Vastu for Home principles, this alignment attracts universal energy allowing positive solar and magnetic energy to flow in.
  2. Correct Slope: Ensure water can drain away from the home properly. Standing water causes expensive damage and negative chi according to Vastu for Home.
  3. Clear Central Area: Keep the Brahmasthan (centre space of your home) open and avoid large construction here. According to Vastu for Home, this spot needs to breathe, which ensures a continuous flow of positive energy.
  4. Balance Elements: When talking about Vastu for Home, it is recommended to distribute the five elements – fire, water, air, space and earth evenly. Imbalance causes family disputes.
  5. Bed Positioning: Point your bed head toward the south or west, but never place it directly aligned north to south.  According to Vastu for Home, the ideal sleep direction aligns your body from south to north, allowing it to sync up with Earth’s magnetic poles.
  6. Kitchen Placement: Set up kitchens in the southeast corner when possible. But avoid having a kitchen right by the entrance as this is not an ideal spot according to Vastu for Home principles. 
  7. Pooja Room: Designate the northeast corner for a pooja space. Since Vastu for Home principles believe that it has a divine, peaceful energy, use this spot for meditation. 
  8. Avoid Toilet by Kitchen: Don’t put toilets adjacent to kitchens. The clashing energies disturb health and home harmony as per Vastu for Home.
  9. Add Plants: Welcome in living things like plants, trees and flowers. Avoid artificial greenery or dead plants as they attract negative energies as per the principles of Vastu for Home.
  10. Install Pyramid: Vastu for Home principles recommend you to put a small pyramid structure to soak up scattered energy and bring focus to any spot needing stability.

By getting clear on these foundational Vastu for Home principles, you can begin gently aligning any living space with holistic Vastu Shastra wisdom. When designing or buying a home, consult an expert Vastu consultant online. An adept specialist can provide custom adjustments for optimal energy flow specific to you. But starting with these basic tips will get you onto the path of health, prosperity and fortune right at home.


Maintaining alignment in your home creates a positive ripple effect through all areas of life. Now more than ever before, home buyers understand the tangible impacts of living space energy flows. Integrating Vastu Shastra into building plans or buying decisions remains one of the most lucrative moves you can make. Attracting higher rents, sale values and ideal buyers or tenants becomes effortless. Don’t leave abundance and wellness on the table. Unlock your home’s energetic potential with Vastu for Home principles right from the start.

Embark on a journey of harmony, prosperity, and well-being with Indian Estate Group (IEG) as your trusted partner in integrating Vastu Shastra into your home. Whether it’s Vastu for House Planning, Vastu for Flats, Vastu Shastra, Vastu for Apartment, or anything else related to the dynamic realm of Real Estate and Vastu Consultancy, Indian Estate Group always has your back. So what are you waiting for? Connect with Indian Estate Group (IEG) today and let’s create tomorrow’s landmarks, today!

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