What is the role of the Hair Follicle?

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Our hair follicles are a critical element in our body that grows and protects our hair. Hair Plantation in Dubai consist of several elements, which are vital in keeping our hair healthy and safe. If we don’t manage to maintain the health of our hair, then different medical conditions can occur that could harm our hair follicles more. This article talks in detail about the importance of hair follicles, what they do to protect our hair, and how can you manage to keep your hair follicles healthy.


What is a Hair Follicle?

Hair follicles are structures present in the layers of skin underneath its surface. A hair follicle looks a lot like a small tube and encloses the roots of a hair strand. Hair follicles contain different substances that provide maximum support to our hair and also provide proper nutrition for hair growth.


Structure of Hair Follicle:

A single hair follicle is made up of several different components, each contributing to hair growth. Some of the key components are,

  •         Hair Bulb: The base of the hair follicle is called the hair bulb. It is located right underneath the surface of the skin and it’s the area where the process of hair growth takes place.
  •         Hair Papilla: The hair papilla is a bulge-like small structure that rests at the base of the hair bulb. Hair papilla contains many blood vessels and offers a great supply of blood to the hair.
  •         Matrix Cells: Matrix cells surround the hair papilla and lie within the hair bulb. They play a very important role in the making of the hair shaft by dividing and differentiating.
  •         Inner and Outer Root Sheath: The inner root sheath encircles the hair shaft and provides protection whereas the outer root sheath that is wrapped around the inner root sheath works to keep the hair follicle attached to the skin.
  •         Sebaceous Gland: Sebaceous glands are attached to the hair follicle. They provide the utmost lubrication to the hair by producing an oily substance called sebum. They also promote hair shine.
  •         Hair Shaft: The hair shaft is the part of the hair follicle that is visible above the surface of the skin.

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Function of Hair Follicle:

A hair follicle has several different functions. Some of them are,

Hair Growth: The main function of hair follicles is to promote hair growth. The structures of a hair follicle contribute equally to the growth and maintenance of the hair.

Protection of Hair: Hair follicles also provide protection to the hair in different ways. The sebaceous glands produce sebum that acts as a shield against external substances like dirt, etc. The hair follicle also protects the hair shaft when it arises on the surface of the skin.

Providing Sensations: Hair follicles are also connected with sensory nerves and provide sensations. This function helps us to know whenever our hair is moved or touched.


Importance of Hair Follicles in the body:

Hair follicles are an essential part of our body. They maintain hair growth and also protect the hair from any damage. All the nourishment that hair needs in order to grow healthily, is provided by hair follicles. It keeps the hair lubricated and protected from dust particles. Hair follicles also play a role in thermoregulation. The stem cells present in a hair follicle take part in the rebuilding of the skin tissue which can be quite helpful in the process of wound healing.


Hair Follicle Related Conditions:

Some common hair-follicle-related conditions are,

  •         Folliculitis: Infection in the hair follicle that results in painful bumps.
  •         Ingrown Hairs: It is a condition when hair grows backward into the skin instead of growing out.
  •         Hair Shaft Disorders: There are certain conditions that directly affect the hair shaft and eventually cause damage to the hair follicle.


How to keep your Hair Follicles healthy?

It is very important to maintain healthy hair in order to stay away from different hair-related conditions and to enjoy beautiful strong hair without any damage. Some tips that you can follow are mentioned below,

  •         Always eat healthy food and maintain healthy diet habits as nutrition plays a very vital role in keeping your hair follicle healthy.
  •         Make sure to drink lots of water so your scalp always stays hydrated.
  •         Stick to a regular routine of cleaning and taking care of your hair by massaging it with oil, etc.
  •         Avoid excessive heat exposure to your hair.
  •         Stay away from stressful situations as much as possible because stress leads to hair loss.



Even though a Hair Follicle might look like a minute structure, it plays a very important role in our body. Our whole body is covered in hair and the hair follicles manage to keep every single hair safe, lubricated, and healthy. So it’s also important for us to take care of our hair follicles by consuming a healthy diet, avoiding sun exposure, and staying hydrated. 

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