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Vintage Gemstone Rings: An Ode to Old World Elegance

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Gemstone rings showcase an unmatched elegance. The rise of colored gemstones as an indispensable choice for engagement rings is admired in modern fashion. Do you know the choice of colored gemstones for jewelry is not new?

 These beautiful gemstones have been loved for ages. With contemporary trends and styles gaining popularity in fashion, ring designs are getting upgraded. These pieces of jewelry inspired by past styles make them rejoice in the beauty of both worlds. 

Concerning the same, this blog reflects the beauty of vintage gemstone rings. These classic jewelry items are a beautiful showcase for your jewelry boxes and their overall look. 

What is vintage jewelry?

Vintage jewelry refers to jewelry pieces that are at least 20 years old. This style of jewelry goes with the design of the accessory. The method may correlate to the stone’s cut, settings, intricate metalwork, or more. 

  • Vintage Cuts 

Vintage gemstone cuts go well with contemporary ring styles. A retro-inspired engagement ring is a popular choice for those looking for an ornate piece of jewelry. Vintage cuts in this era range from round brilliant to Ascher cut, emerald cut, rose cut, and more. Emerald cut is the most popular cut of the vintage era that gives a bright color and brilliance to the gemstone.

This cut was first discovered for emerald stone but became famous for other gemstones with time. It gives a rectangular shape to the gemstone with tapered corners. Moreover, this cut offers a slender look to your finger. The Princess Trilogy Emerald Ring at Navratan, the best online gem bazaar, features an emerald cut in the center. The sparkling gemstones on either side give a contemporary look to the design. 

  • Design and Materials 

Vintage jewelry with rows, clusters, and halo designs gives an adorable look to any jewelry piece. The Heritage Legacy Cluster Emerald Ring at Navratan is an exquisite example of a vintage-inspired engagement ring. This piece of jewelry highlights the beauty of a natural emerald gemstone in the center, highlighted by the halo of diamonds. The prongs setting and the modern-day half-bezel setting of the gemstones give this jewelry a stunning appearance. 

Art Deco is one of the contemporary jewelry styles that gives an eye-catching look to the otherwise ordinary ring. The Vintage Art Deco Tanzanite Ring features an oval blue gemstone in the center, highlighted by a halo of sparkling gems. 

  • Popular Colors 

Moonstone, turquoise, pearls, and opal are the most common colors famous in the vintage era. The Chunky Pearl Gold Ring at Navratan features a solitaire pearl stone in the center with a designer shank. This minimalistic piece of jewelry is perfect for both casual and formal outfits. The patterned shank adds a modern, classy look. 

In jewelry, vintage gemstone rings are timeless tributes to a bygone era, epitomizing old-world elegance and sophistication. Each ring is a testament to the craftsmanship of yesteryears, adorned with gemstones that hold stories untold. These pieces serve as exquisite adornments and as carriers of history and sentiment. 

The allure of vintage gemstone rings lies in their ability to transcend trends, offering a touch of nostalgia and enduring beauty. As we celebrate these treasures, we honor the artistry of the past, embracing the enduring charm accompanying these pieces into the modern age.

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