Vitamin EAdvantages For Treating Gynecologic Problems

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Women reporting Sjögren’s syndrome are highly prone to vaginal dryness during the years of pre- and post-menopause. Since most women diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome are in menopausal stage, menopause often becomes a contributing factor. A broad range of treatments are suggested for vaginal dryness and a host of other gynecologic problems. However, studies show that Vitamin E oil is highly effective in treating vaginal dryness.

Some treatment options
Some over the counter treatments for vaginal dryness are vaginal moisturizersand lubricants. However, Orovana vitamin E oil is one of the simplest solutions available for lubricating vagina. In some cases, vitamin E capsules can be opened and the oil is used for applying in and around the vagina. Just a few drops of this oil can sufficiently lubricate the vagina, eliminate vaginal dryness and ready the vagina for intercourse.

When used regularly for lubrication, olive oil can keep the delicate vaginal tissues supple and soft. Orovana vitamin E oil for vaginal dryness and olive oil can be applied a few hours before sex enabling impromptu sex wherein you will not have to stop for the sake of applying a lubricant.

A suppository with the ingredients namely hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin A can be used once in a day for around two weeks can bring about an effective remedy for vaginal dryness and a few other gynecologic problems. Usually these applications contain sodium hyaluronate 5 mg; vitamin E 1 mg and vitamin A 1 mg in a semisynthetic glyceride base of 2 grams. It is important that these ingredients are compounded by a pharmacist. There are also a few other over-the-counter hyaluronic vaginal gels.

Topical estrogen cream
Gynecologists often prescribe tropical estrogen cream if other measures are not effective in treating the gynecologic symptoms reported in these women. Estrogen externally applied in the vaginal region can also lead to estrogen reaching the blood stream. However, the amount thus reaching the blood is minimal when used in low dose.

Vaginal estrogen does not lead to the increase in the levels of testosterone, which is important for a healthy sexual function in human body. Oral estrogen can lead to increase in the levels of testosterone in the body. Vaginal estrogen therapy is found highly effective in reducing the risk of a broad range of urinary infections.

There are different types of vaginal estrogen therapy. Vaginal estrogen cream is applied inside the vaginal sing an applicator. This is usually done before bedtime. The dosage and frequency of application must be learnt from your physician.

Vaginal estrogen ring is a flexible and soft ring inserted into the upper part of the vagina. This is done either by the patient or the doctor. Usually replaced once in three months, this ring is known to release a consistent amount of estrogen. Disposable applicators are used to place a vaginal estrogen tablet inside the vagina. The frequency of using this tablet must be learnt from a physician.

Take away
Among the different options available to treat vaginal dryness and most other gynecologic issues, Orovana vitamin E oil for vaginal dryness is found highly effective with the least side effects and is very easy to use.

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