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Ways to save Money on Bathroom Renovation

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Remodelling your bathrooms is a big thing if you think about today’s prices. But you can justify the cost if you also consider the years of enjoyment you will have after building it. All this doesn’t mean you can’t build your dream bathroom without saving money. If you use a home renovation cost calculator tool, you can easily get industry-standard pricing on materials, labour, and design.

Labour and material costs are two expenses related to remodelling. You’ll save in both areas if you make good plans and decisions, such as creating a list of things you need and want.

Also, selecting lower-quality materials could result in short-term savings. If those materials need to be changed in future, you will eventually have to spend additional money.

So, here are some tips for cutting costs while remodelling a bathroom:

Prioritize your wants and needs

Making a list of the required bathroom features is the first step in renovating your bathroom. For example, you might have to forgo tile in order to afford luxury shower fixtures. However, if raising your home’s market value is your first objective, you should choose aesthetic improvements like fresh paint and hardware.

You can use a home renovation costs calculator tool for your renovation plan and obtain industry-standard pricing for your custom home design.

Know what you can invest.

You should realistically budget while planning your bathroom renovation. Create a plan in advance with your interior designer. Prior to the remodelling starting, you can better manage your budget and streamline the process by making decisions. This will prevent you from being tempted to overspend or compromise quality to save money.

Even if you change your renovation plan, you can find out the cost estimate using a home renovation cost calculator tool.

Consider the space and layout.

Your renovation’s cost will change if you alter your bathroom’s layout. You won’t have to pay as much for plumbing and other structural repairs if you keep your bathroom the same overall size and shape. Maintaining the location of the load-bearing walls is also good. However, be prepared to pay more if you intend to make major layout modifications.

Try to not move the plumbing or electrical fixtures

Keeping the sink and faucets, toilet, water lines, and electrical in their original spots is one of the best ways to save costs while remodelling your bathroom. Moving these components could easily cost you half of your budget. Moving items about might also give the bathroom a larger appearance. It will be easier for you to decide if the expense is worthwhile if you discuss this with a qualified interior designer. A novel design can have a big impact on renovation costs.

Stick with standard sizes.

Custom plumbing fittings might attract you, but you need to pay more for them. Stick to normal sizes for items like sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. If something goes wrong in the future, you can buy these less costly and simpler to install parts in the future.

Use cost-friendly materials

Various kinds of bathroom renovation materials are available on the market. The price can differ dramatically from one material to another. If you’re on a tight budget, consider less expensive solutions such as laminate worktops, porcelain tiles, and simple hardware. Additionally, compare various tile and lighting styles. You can acquire reasonably priced things that maintain their wonderful appearance over time with careful selection.

Reuse what you can from the old bathroom.

It is likely that you will be able to recycle some of the materials used in an existing bathroom renovation. For example, there’s no need to replace the toilet if it’s still in good shape and at a comfortable height. But you can try replacing the toilet seat to see if it needs updating.

This also applies to potentially dangerous items like the tub and towel racks, lights in the bathrooms, and cabinet hardware. You can save money on space and money by appliance recycling.

Shop around for the best deals.

It is wise to compare prices using a home renovation cost calculator tool when it comes to expensive products such as appliances and fixtures. When making a final decision, compare pricing at several retailers, such as your neighbourhood hardware or home improvement store. You can also find fair pricing at yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops.

Final thoughts 

Remodelling a bathroom may seem costly, but if you use a home renovation company and a home renovation costs calculator tool, you can reduce costs without sacrificing quality. 

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