What Are The Best Interior Walls For A Beach House?

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If you live in Florida, the chances are that you live in, own, or know someone who owns a beach house. Whether you have a beach house as a spot for your vacation getaway or it’s your comfort haven, you need to pay attention to the walls that hold up the structure of the property as well as their design. From the furniture to the flooring and the general aesthetics, the wall of your beach house is what brings the whole look together. So, what wall is best for your beach house? It’s time to dive right in!

Beach House vs Beach Condo

There are significant structural differences between beach houses and beach condos, so the considerations and level of attention you pay to the walls will vary greatly.

Beach condos often have exterior walls made of materials the building developer chooses. That means owners have little to no say in the condo’s walls. However, you have more control over the interior walls of your own beach condo. This freedom allows you to craft the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and coastal vibes.

When building or revamping a beach house, however, you will be able to select the materials used, the aesthetic finishes, as well as the interior design for the individual rooms within the home.

Why Walls Matter

Interior walls in a beach house play a significant role in multiple ways.

One of these is durability. Whether you like it or not, beach environments can be harsh, with salty air and potential moisture issues. If you do not get the right wall, you risk subjecting your house to more wear and tear than necessary. In short, you need walls that can withstand beachy elements.

In addition to this, the right walls can set the beachy tone and create a calming, breezy feel, which adds to the aesthetics. While durability depends largely on the material, wall decor also adds to the general look and feel of the house.

Finally, walls determine the level of maintenance you’ll be investing in your house. The truth is that beach houses often see high traffic especially if they are let out as short-term rentals. Therefore, easy-to-clean walls are best.

Top Three Wall Ideas for a Beach House

Among the multiple wall ideas that exist, these are the five best wall ideas you can choose for your beach house.


These are horizontal wood panels with a clean, unfussy look. They come in pre-primed or finished options and various widths, allowing for customization. Since these are the most common wall types. When seeking Watersound beach homes for sale, homes with Shiplap are great choices because the wood can withstand humidity and moisture better than drywall. In terms of aesthetics, the horizontal lines create a sense of width and openness, making a room feel larger and airier – perfect for capturing that relaxed beachy vibe. You can also paint shiplap in calming colors like soft blues, greens, or greys or keep it natural for a more rustic touch. Shiplap requires low maintenance.


While it is similar to shiplap, beadboard has vertical grooves. The wall type naturally adds a touch of formality and dimension to a space, creating a more finished look than flat shiplap walls. Beadboard comes in various styles, from narrow and closely spaced grooves to wider and more prominent ones. Homes for sale in Watercolor sometimes come with beadboard walls because they pair well with white trim and other coastal design elements. Similar to shiplap, only regular dusting, occasional wiping with a damp cloth, and repainting every few years is needed.

Smooth Plaster

While you’ll find this type in most Watersound beach homes for sale, it is also an option for other Florida beach houses. Smooth Plaster creates a clean and crisp look; painted in bright white or soft sand tones, it evokes a sense of openness and lets the beauty of the ocean views take center stage.

Smooth plaster walls are perfect for a minimalist or contemporary beach house style even though plaster itself is quite durable). However, (cracks can develop over time, especially in areas with high humidity or temperature fluctuations. Therefore, regular inspections and touch-ups might be needed.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Watercolor, look for properties with smooth plaster. It is also relatively easy to maintain and offers a timeless elegance that complements coastal elements like natural textures and pops of color.

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