What Are the Best Ways to Increase Male Fertility?

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Infertility is a problem that guys face on a regular basis these days. According to study, similar problems are more widespread in the United States, with one out of every six guys affected. This indicates that around 16% of guys in the United States alone are infertile or have indications of male infertility, which is a severe problem.

With this in mind, let us investigate the reasons of male infertility and the most effective treatments.

What Is the Definition of Male Infertility?

So, what is male infertility? An infertile guy is defined as someone who has lost the capacity to reproduce. A guy with infertility concerns will be unable to conceive his female spouse.

Infertility may be caused by another sexual condition in certain situations, or it might be caused by your lifestyle. According to some study, male infertility may also lead to the usage of medications such as Cenforce 100.

What Causes Male Fertility?

It is now time to investigate the causes of male infertility. It is important to understand the reasons of the condition since this will aid you in finding effective treatments.

Libido Amounts Reduced

One of the reasons for male infertility is that they have a low libido. The quantity of secretion produced during ejaculation is insufficient. This indicates that the sperm count in your ejaculated sperm is lower, making it more difficult to pregnant your female partner.

Sexual dysfunction

One of the reasons of male infertility might be ED. It has been discovered that one in every eight men suffering with impotence or the delay of a robust and lasting erection may be suffering from male infertility difficulties that need treatment with medications such as Vidalista 20mg.

Having a Low Sperm Count

Men may have a low sperm count in their sperm. It will be tough to get your female partner pregnant if your sperm count is lower than usual.

Reduced Sperm Motility

Low sperm motility is another major cause of male infertility. This means that sperm cells are less motile or locomotor. A guy suffering from this condition already has less motile (movable) sperm.

Testosterone deficiency

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors that may contribute to infertility in you is a low testosterone level.

A Serious Drug and Alcohol Addiction

According to study, up to 40% of guys who are prone to extreme degrees of addiction to alcohol and narcotic drugs such as cocaine and marijuana may be experiencing male infertility.

Excessive Smoking

Smoking is another kind of addiction that may render men infertile. According to statistics, about 20% of habitual smokers have this sexual problem.

Curing Male Infertility- Now we’ll look at how you might improve your situation. In this part, we will learn about the methods that may help you become more fertile.


Being physically active will undoubtedly help you improve your testosterone levels, which may aid in fertility enhancement. Exercising or engaging in any type of physical activity, such as swimming or participating in some sports, may gradually increase testosterone levels in your body.

When it comes to exercise, you should concentrate on activities that strengthen your prostate glands, such as running, jogging, cycling, and skipping. Exercise is also beneficial for men who use medications such as Fildena 100mg.

Vitamin C Deficiency

According to several ideas and medical investigations, male infertility might be caused by oxidative stress. To overcome it, boost your intake of vitamin C, which is a reducing agent that lowers oxidative damage to sperm cells.

Of course, there are many of options if you want to improve your vitamin C consumption. You may bring fruits like grapes, kiwi, oranges, lemon, and strawberries, as well as veggies like tomatoes, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Maintain a Stress-Free Environment

As previously said, stress, worry, and depression are among the major difficulties affecting men today, causing them to lower fertility. According to one research, over 45% of guys suffering from such psychological difficulties may have reproductive troubles.

To recover from it, you must maintain a stress-free lifestyle, which includes daily meditation, yoga, and enough rest.

Do You Get Enough Vitamin D?

Did you know that one of the most significant nutrients for your testosterone hormone is vitamin D? As a result, if you have low amounts of this vitamin or suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, you may have infertility.

As a result, we urge that you get more sun exposure to naturally increase your levels of Vitamin D synthesis and production. In terms of food, you may eat salmon, tuna, oranges, all types of dairy products, cow liver, and cod fish liver oil, and so on.

Have Fenugreek on hand

Fenugreek is a popular culinary ingredient as well as a therapeutic plant. According to one research, males who have low fenugreek levels are more likely to have reproductive problems. Another research found that include fenugreek in their diet or taking fenugreek extracts directly helped boost male fertility. This culinary item is particularly beneficial to your health if you use medications like Fildena 100.

Increase Your Zinc Consumption

Zinc is an essential vitamin for raising testosterone levels as well as the health and development of sperm cells. If you are taking any fertility supplements, you should look at the composition since it will almost certainly include zinc. Consume shellfish, eggs, and meat to improve your zinc intake via your diet.

The Last Word

As you can see, we have covered the most prevalent causes of male infertility in the preceding sections. Finally, we have discussed numerous strategies to address this problem.

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