What are the reasons to wear women’s boxer shorts?

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Sometimes, a regular woman’s underwear is not enough for ultimate comfort and relaxation. So, women shift to womens boxer shorts for not only comfort and ease but also due to multiple reasons. Instead of wearing traditional women’s underwear, many women choose loose-fitted boxer shorts. Though there are not many options in women’s underwear that provide the utmost pleasure and relaxation. Most women’s underwear that is available in the market, has elastics at the waist that are too tight to feel comfortable.

They are made in a way that can be tight-fitted for a woman’s body which may cause skin irritation. To avoid such issues, you can switch to boxer shorts that may fit you properly and provide ultimate satisfaction. If you are facing underwear-related issues, you must switch to women’s boxer shorts. In this article, we are going to discuss several reasons to wear women’s boxer shorts.

  • Gives comfort: Boxer shorts can provide the ultimate comfort that is impossible with women’s underwear. The foremost reason to wear women’s boxer shorts is their comfort and satisfaction. Its loose fit and lightweight help your skin to breathe. No chances of feeling pinching, squeezing or riding in boxers. You might even feel like you are not wearing underwear. It is ideal underwear for summer, as it is not tight-fitted. You can also wear them while sleeping for peaceful rest hours. When you are wearing something loose and baggy, it allows well air circulation that reduces the chances of sweating and drying out the remains of sweat. For women who are searching for underwear that is loose and airy, boxer shorts are the perfect option to choose.
  • Provide extra coverage: Another vital reason why women prefer boxer shorts over other underwear options is extra coverage. Its short-like fit provides good coverage from the hip to mid-thigh. Most women’s underwear does not provide good coverage to wear under short dresses. But you can wear boxer shorts under a short dress or skirt to avoid embarrassing moments and move worry-free. Many women avoid wearing short skirts and dresses as their undergarments do not allow them to wear them and roam in public places. For those women, boxer shorts are a great alternative to wearing their favourite dresses carefreely.
  • Versatility and style: Women’s boxer shorts look like almost men’s boxers but a little lesser in height. It is similar to a pair of shorts that you wear while gym. Hence, you can wear them as loungewear, gym wear or active wear, like men. But you cannot use women’s undergarments as an outfit. The cut of women’s underwear is too revealing and small that it cannot be used as anything besides an undergarment. But boxers allow you to wear them while doing household chores or morning yoga, even in bed. Boxers are more versatile than other undergarments and allow you to style them according to your preference.
  • No chafing and wedgies: One of the biggest issues of women’s underwear is chafing. Wearing traditional feminine underpants can cause chafing between your upper thighs. Most women have experienced this uncomfortable situation. But wearing women’s boxer shorts can save you from unwanted chafing with their extended length. And also, the most annoying problem women face related to their underwear is wedgies. With the longer hem of the boxers, you can avoid the irritating issues of riding up underwear. Women’s boxers can solve the long-standing problems related to women’s undergarments. To protect your thighs from chafing and eliminate wedgies, boxers are a great alternative.
  • Gives extra warmth: Many women prefer to wear boxers in winter to add an extra layer of warmth. Most women’s underwear that is available in the market is pretty skimpy that covers only private areas. But boxers have a longer length that covers the thighs and provides extra heat. Putting on boxer shorts in chilly weather is a great way to protect yourself from the cold. And also, it is breezy enough to balance the heat so that you do not get sweaty.
  • Eliminate panty lines: One of the major issues of women’s undergarments is their visible panty lines. It is a big embarrassment for girls. Every woman wishes that the panty lines must not get visible over their outfits. That’s why women switch to boxer shorts. Its extended length and the hem beyond your cheeks and hips provide less visibility of panty lines. This is one of the main reasons women wear women’s boxer shorts. 
  • Great fit: There is no particular way of wearing boxers. You can wear them however you want. It allows you to use them according to your choice and style. It can be worn high-waisted, low-waisted or rolled up. You can manage and wear them under your outfit without compromising your comfort. They will fit you properly, no matter how you have worn them. 
  • Boost women’s confidence: Comfortable clothing can impact women’s confidence. According to experts, comfortable and quality clothing can boost self-confidence, especially in women. And of course, boxer shorts are way more comfortable than traditional feminine undergarments. When a lady wears something comfortable and breathable to the skin, they can put more effort into their work which eventually improves self-esteem.


Nowadays, clothing does not have a gender. If you think that boxers are made for only men, you are wrong. You can find multiple websites that sell women’s boxer shorts of elegant colours and unique prints. As you have come to this part of the article, we can expect that you understand the reasons why women prefer boxers more than traditional ladies’ underpants. So, if you are still using those old-style women’s undergarments and suffering from related issues, you should try boxer shorts for ladies at least once. But one thing to remember, once you start wearing women’s shorts, there is no going back. You will be unable to compromise the comfort it will provide. To buy a good quality women’s boxer, you can research online. You may find numerous clothing websites that are selling high-quality boxers for women at a reasonable cost.

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