What are the Red Flags for Severe Neck and Head Pain?

Neck and head pain are very common and most people experience them few or many times in their lives. There are many potential causes of such pain. Pain also varies in intensity among people as well as its duration. Acute head and neck pain typically lasts for a week to up to a month while chronic pain lasts for more than 3 months. ‘When pain is extreme or persistent, extensive pain management with the help of a medical professional becomes important, shared the pain management specialists for neck pain treatment in New Jersey at Mainland Pain Treatment Clinic.

To know the urgency of seeking medical help for neck and head pain, it is recommended to look for signs and symptoms noted in patients with head or neck pain after reviewing their medical history and performing a thorough clinical examination. Essentially it is advised to check for red flags. In general, red flags refer to warning signs and symptoms indicating a serious underlying pathology in a patient.

So, what are red flags for neck and head pain? Read on to learn about them. But before that let’s learn about common symptoms of head and neck pain.

The commonly reported symptoms of having a head pain include:

  • A dull, aching, throbbing, sharp, or burning pain in the head
  • Pain in the head preceded by nausea
  • Head pain worsens with light and sound
  • Head pain is associated with a runny nose or red eyes.

The commonly reported symptoms of having a neck pain include:

  • A dull, aching or pain at the back of the neck
  • Pain in the neck is associated with tingling, numbness, or shooting pain in the arms and shoulders.

Red Flags for Neck and Head Pain

Sometimes, head pain or neck pain calls for prompt medical help and one must have a check for chronic pain treatment in New Jersey. That’s when the symptoms indicate a serious or dangerous situation. Such signs are called red flags, some of which are given below:

  • A sudden onset of severe head or neck pain, unlike any pain or discomfort felt before
  • A neck or head pain worsening over time or pain radiating to other body parts
  • Head or neck pain associated with neurological symptoms like changes in mentation, visual abnormalities, numbness, weakness in extremities, confusion, loss of consciousness, or speech problems
  • Head pain or neck pain following an injury/trauma, especially if taking blood thinners
  • Head pain accompanied by high fever, stiff neck, head injury, or prolonged vomiting.
  • Such red flags may suggest meningitis, brain aneurysms, or other neurological disorders requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment from a medical expert.

If you want to get relief from them and to ensure healthy living and prevent worsening of concern consult the pain management specialist for head and neck pain treatment in New Jersey at Mainland Pain Treatment Clinic.

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